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Way back; when I used to read about the achievements of many illustrious and dedicated philanthropists; I used feel tremendous respect on the one hand and tremendous despair (stress) on the other, because of the lack of holistic perspective limiting their role; in the world politics for individual and global blossoming.

I am more than happy to see; most of the philanthropists realize this; and participate in politics i.e. policies, plans, programs and actions for public welfare (obviously not the dirty, party or petty politics)!

Many of us may not agree with the details of the agenda of these people. But I am very happy to see this happen; because it is indicative of the dawn of individual and global blossoming, in perspective, thoughts, feelings and actions.

World politics is; or rather ought to be; the expression of cosmic consciousness (converging into global consensus) with the perspective of individual and global blossoming.

Thus people of such perception and conviction, when identify, appreciate, come together and interact; the pragmatic aspects of actual means and modalities of actions get crystallized.

At present also this is happening, but in a rather imperfect, immature, inaccurate, insufficient, inadequate and ineffective manner. Primarily, this imperfection is that of perspective, conceptualization, conviction and actual experience or realization.

The millions of different needs, wants, likes, dislikes, virtues, vices, actions, interactions, contradictions, dialogues, hopes and despairs of billions of living beings; of different ages; with different geographical, political, social, economic, cultural and historical backgrounds; one thing in common. This lowest common denominator is the deep seated urge; for individual and global blossoming; either voluntary or involuntary and conscious or subconscious!

The visible hallmarks of this individual and global blossoming (though in formative or developing stage); are; millions of people being served food free of cost, millions of cows being cared for; as by Gondavle Sansthan, ISCKON and many other institutions, trees being planted by ISHA, millions of people being trained in yoga by Swami Ramdev and Patanjali Yogapeeth pariwar, Promotion and cultivation of herbal plants by Ahcarya Balkrishna, millions of people being trained in Sudarshan Kriya by Sri Sri Ravishankar and Art of Living pariwar, holistic medical practice by at least some holistic practitioners in the world and attempts towards justice in political, legal, economic, agricultural and health care areas, by many institutions and individuals all over the world.
But in addition to them I strongly feel that

* Universal Practice of NAMASMARAN i.e. remembering one’s true self (about whom we are usually oblivious), right from childhood, according to the particular tradition.
* Availability, upholding and promotion of safe drinking water and vegetarian food
* Redefining the “holistic health”; as “Optimal intellectual, emotional, instinctual and physical actions to promote individual and global blossoming, in one’s field”.
* Practice and promotion of Holistic Medicine; i.e. “the art, science and skills of employing everything effective; in regaining and promoting holistic health”, as; essential and inseparable core of mainstream Medical Education, Teaching, Practice and Research.
* Holistic Education with emphasis on a) the principles and preliminary practices of holistic health and holistic medicine, b) productive domain c) affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains, d) empowerment through NAMASMARAN e) practical productive progress, self sufficiency; research and teaching in all education institutions!
* Even the specialized institutions would not be exception to “earn and learn”, “produce and progress”, “practice and pass” principles. The written examinations would be replaced by actual assessment of the skills, at all levels.
* All religious temples and places of worship would voluntarily incorporate educational, industrial, and agricultural and research activities; conducive to holistic health; thereby get re-integrated with mainstream life. Conversely, all educational and industrial houses would adopt the activities of religious and spiritual bodies and institutions; in which, the philosophy of holistic health is implicit (though variable in terms of semantics i.e. languages and terms).
* Getting up early, drinking of water in morning, rubbing the teeth, gums and palate in morning and using herbs conducive to dental, oral and general health, would be promoted as essential elements of holistic health.
* Byhearting of hymns and prayers of different religions; would be sung together; amongst all religions, in all institutions.
* Laws would be devoid of vindictiveness, conducive to holistic health i.e. formative, and hence rigorously and strictly executed; e.g. the persons soiling the public property would me made to clean without compensation the same, a corrupt person would be made to work double the duty hours, in minimum salary and those involved in misleading or deceptive commercials such as (98% stoppage of hair fall, double increase in height) would be made to participate in production, research, training and practice of holistic health and medicine, at no profit.
* The production of bicycles and vehicles of mass transport being echo-friendly would be encouraged as against vehicles of personal transport.
* Sanskrit would be researched and taught all over the world if after careful scrutiny of international well meaning intellectuals belonging to different religions; and found beneficial to mankind.
* The unifying elements and enlightenment in the lives of saints, seers and other reformers would be integral part of the curriculums.
* The doctrines of bigotry, fanaticism, Zionism, racism, wars and hatred would occupy minimum or if possible actually NO space in curriculum.
* There would be introspective research and dialogue over; whether the culture of slaughtering the cows and bullocks (and other animals) is an evolved and civilized act; beneficial to mankind? or is it preferable to love, care, adopt and coexist with animals?
* There would be extensive and conclusive debate, evolution of globally beneficial policies, laws, rules and their implementation in this regard; world over.
* There would be encouragement to folk sports as for the folk arts and folk music in preference to high tech sports and arts
* The defense policies would gradually become less barbaric, less cruel, less vicious, less prejudiced, less suspicious, less obstinate and more reconciliatory.

(To be continued and revised if and when necessary)

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