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Stress and Acting
One of the possible objections to the idea of global consensus on international welfare policies; is that; this could jeopardize the regional peculiarities and regional honor; especially in creative and artistic fields.

But this fear or apprehension is uncalled for; as the consensus is meant for; clear cut universal issues and not anything that would come in the way or suppress regional or even individual characteristics and pride (if they do not harm the society).

Further, the NAMASMARAN and the associated universal perspective can not be “wished away”! The days have come; when NAMASMARAN i.e. remembering the name of God i.e. true self; would be joyously practiced in every house of every religion or ideology and the consensus of global welfare is bound to materialize further and worldwide; from here onwards. There is no other way of Total Stress Management i.e. individual and global blossoming.

It has been the practice to talk more, write more, profess more and practice less with respect to NAMASMARAN, self realization and its expression in different walks of life, especially politics! But, it is necessary to talk, write and profess also; the NAMAMSARAN and its implications on global welfare, because of the worldwide glamorization, glorification and hype of antisocial ideas and passive support to it by the confused (oblivious) elements.

The talking, writing, preaching and promoting NAMSMARAN is urgent because we are otherwise intoxicated by the talks, writing and professing on glamour, glitter, manipulating, maneuvering, conspiring etc as is in films and showbiz and party politics (falsity)!

We the common people are dominated by every kind of acting; whether on podium, stage or pulpit!

We must practice and promote NAMASMARAN much more, so that acting of the stars can not delude us, acting of the models can not stupefy us, acting of the politicians can not cheat us and our own (common people’s) acting (adopted feelings and behavior) can not distract us away from the process of individual and global blossoming!

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