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What is endoscopy?
Upper GI endoscopy or Gastroscopy is a procedure by which a flexibile tube, the thickness of a fountain pen is passed through the mouth into the food pipe and stomach.
It is always done on an empty stomach because presence of food in the stomach will interfere with good interpretation of the endoscopic findings. Moreover there may be chance of the patient aspirating food into the lungs during the procedure.

It is not painful when some local anesthetic spray is used in the throat. If you insist it can be done under a short genral anesthetic which of course is the most comfortable way of getting it done.

The duration of this procedure can be anything from 3 to 10 minutes. Pictures are taken for the records during the procedure. If necessary small bits of tissue will be taken for examination. This will be absolutely painless.

If not under an anaesthetic the procedure may cause discomfort and maybe breathlessness for a shortwhile.

One can start taking food an hour after an endoscopy. So if indicated or advised by your doctor donot hesitate or postpone your upper GI endoscopy.

Dr.Patta Radhakrishna
Surgical Gastroenterologist

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