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In UPA II Government ,some Minister are adamant to bring so much new conception in name of serving poor,rural,farmer and unemployed people of our country forgetting basic infrastructure, fasibilty, econmical viability ,its sustainibilty, acceptance,discimination against rich-poor,urban rural etc., and actual its performance in presence of open corruption,expoitation and tendency to earn money and poser forgetting basic Norm and value of Human life and society.Our present Central Health Minister Mr.Gulab Nami Azad first scapped MCI to grab such agency in Ministry clutch to regulate Medical Education,registration and giving license to run or open New Medical Colleges in INDIA ,an Industry of thousand of crores of Rupees.On May03,2010,Ministry bring "CLINICAL ESTABLISHMENT ACT" to regulate private Hospital and Clinics in name of better service to society and poor persons but Government own Hospital and agencies has been exlcuded from any improvement or screening or any desire or will for improvement as no body can check it whcih serve maximum number of people of our country and almost 90% of our poor people.Government agencies intervention and checking will increas more courruption by Babus and bureaucrats making Private hospitals more and more costly as Government cannot run without them as rich ,havenots,these babus,Politicians,Ministers hardly go to govt.hospitals for their treatment. secondly it is mostly run by Qualified Doctors who treat and cure these patients and if they are not relieved or are not treated well their reputation and complains with in present Laws is enough to deal this but Government wants supervision by Bureaucrats not expert in Medical science by bringing License system upbringing advance rich or MNC Centres to exist and closer of small units making Medical treatment more and more costly.
Similiarly "BACHELOR OF RURAL HEALTH CARE(BRHC) COURSE to produce Rural doctors has been prepared by MINISTER' S MCI on the basis of sending more and more Doctors in Rural areas as no Doctor wants to stay in rural areas,socially this theme may appear popuistic but infact it is faraway from true ,now a days under NRHM Scheme many Doctors are serving Rural areas because of good connectivity and communication facilities in rural areas,secondaly a discrimination between rural and urban people regarding dealing patients should not be done as it will not be accepted by rural people who will not like to get treated by these Rural socalled semieduca,if new medical colleges are open in rural areas where rural students should be admitted,or making compulsory of every physician toserve 02-3 years in rural areas as practised in MBBS course in Maharasthra befor getting final registration or before getting permannat service or promotion or adding more seats in medical colleges and giving it to strictly rural students could save our society from such ill educated doctors who need even a training of more than 4and 1/2 yrs to know better such advancing Medical science and where every body has got right to get best and equal oppurtunity atleast in field of Health and Education.When most of our youths are shifting to urban sides from villages because of lack of infrastructure and less development of Agriculture based Business and factories in rural areas and where farmers are doing day light suicide because of unability to run their livehood from agriculture and these Doctors willremain at rural areas appear only bubble declartaion.
On paper this syllabus is for the three-year course and this rural medical practitioners is ready in MCI premise. It promises to do away with what's "unnecessary" in the four-and-a-half-year MBBS course and prepare "hands-on" doctors at the primary level. The Medical Council of India (MCI), which has prepared the syllabus, has differentiated between BRHC and MBBS doctors by not allowing the former to use the prefix 'Dr' to their name. Instead, they will have BRHC suffixed to their name.
. This new category will be drawn from 10+2 students from rural areas/districts and 25 will be chosen district-wise after an exam. They will be trained at community colleges by practicing or retired doctors from nearby district hospitals. Their practice will be confined to that area and registration will be for one year only. The course will include 10 things: Community medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, ENT, radio-diagnosis and dentistry. It will be divided into three phases. In the first, students will study the health problems of the community, basic principles of diagnosis and prevention of common rural aliments such as malaria, anemia, hookworm, kala-az ar, TB and diarrhoea. Phase II w ll involve taking patient history, basic clinical examination and management of diseases. They will be tied up with national health programmes. Phase III will deal with training to prevent basic health problems. The curriculum will do away with many unnecessary aspects in the MBBS course such as in pharmacy and anatomy.
Using "DR" is not trheatening to MBBS or any other practising Doctor as Educated Doctors know they got prestige and recognition respect from Society because of their knowledge not because of "DR"word as many teachers and many other practitioner use ths "DR" word before their name but such anme never disturb theri practice or reputation.
Secondly to produce Doctors without basic knowledge of Anatomy(Structure of Our Body Body parts and Organs ,Physiology(Function of our Body's different organs)Pathology(Basic cause of Disease)and Pharmacy(Knowing details of Medicines and their reaction) is like to fdrive an aircraft without knowledge of Airspacing,to drive car,bus,scooter without knowledge of driving and of road,it will kill all passengers and even persons on the road.
Therefore ,Government should think thrice to bring such populistic looking novice lucrative dreams in to action as instead of improving our society such programmes and course will destroy basic fabric of equality in our society and it will be a discovery of Atomic missiles which may give pride to humanity but may devast and finish whole Humanity if Blast takes place willingly or is not a prestige issue for IMA or MBBS DOctors but it is a prestige for every citizen who has got a right to have good treatment and care whether he stays in rural or urban area.

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