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Vedic System of Healthy Living
Studies conform the ancient health techniques described in Indian medical literatures. Vedic lifestyle can be a potent preventive measure. The Indian system of detoxification and healing for senses-mind-spirit is yoga and for body is Ayurveda.
VEDANTA AYURVEDA developed a unique training cum therapeutic regimen based on Ayurveda and yoga philosophy of Integral health care systems, some interesting findings in study on yoga.
The Indian system of detoxification and healing for senses-mind-spirit is yoga and for body is Ayurveda, actually these two systems/branches of Indian system of medicine are interwoven in each other that it’s very much impossible to separate them, as we find in Charaka Samhita the healing concepts sequence goes to reversing the disease process-restoration of health-maintain –up gradation up to the level of Samaprakriti (natural genetic transformation to the optimum level of genetic health) - immortal state (naishthiki chikitsa). Before doing the yoga a healthy state is pre-requisite expect in therapeutic yoga.

Integral health care concept through Ayurveda and yoga is one of the greatest Indian contributions to the world and has got vast potential in all fields and to develop harmony in between body, senses, mind and soul.

Yoga is helpful in transforming the criminal mentality to calmness as came in light from the study conducted in Tihar jail, Delhi (India). It is a multi billion-dollar business in the United States. In many universities, it is accepted as subject and included in syllabi. In latest famous book Inspire! What great leaders do written by Lance Secretan published by John Wiley and sons, the benefit of meditation is elaborately described for good corporate governance.

By practicing transcendental meditation, many people have got relief from back pain, neck pain, and depression. The mind calms, what thoughts you have during meditation become clearer, more focused. Anger, anxiety and worries give way to peace. If not able to pay for high medical expenses, one can definitely take help of meditation.

Food habits should be to keep in mind and body in pace. One can get more than enough proteins and other essential nutrients by eating a balanced vegetarian diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy products, nuts and seeds. A vegetarian diet is adequate, as long as you eat enough protein-rich whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. In any case, your body will tell you what you need to eat. If you have a particular craving for any type of food, it means that you need the nutrients that it supplies – so trust the natural signals your body gives you.

Medical studies continue to show regular meditation working magic in reducing blood pressure and stress-related illnesses, including heart disease. Brain images show that regular meditation helps calm the most active sensory-assaulted parts of the brain.

The ancient Hindu sage Patanjali, who had mastered the secrets of the human mind, wrote a book Yogasutra indicates that for complete transformation towards higher race is possible for existing human. It has both cosmic relevance and cosmic resonance. In spite of its universal appeal, for most people total control of mind remains an elusive goal and daunting task. From time immemorial, there have been many attempts throughout the world to unlock the mysteries of the mind and to achieve total control over it through a variety of techniques. One of the most powerful of these techniques is meditation. Many spiritual leaders, sages, saints, and holy people such as Sri Buddha, Sri Ramakrishna, Madam Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda have practiced this.

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