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The activities in body cells, various exocrine glands and endocrine glands go one and contribute to peculiar activities in nervous system. These contribute to our body consciousness, pains and pleasures. These pains and pleasures in turn lead to desires, ambitions, hopes and despair of pride.

The culmination of these however eludes most of us. Hence we remain discontent and disturbed irrespective of failures and successes.

The body however undergoes aging in the course of time and our restlessness and anxiety begin to deepen in view of impending end of our bodies.

This is the reason the saints have repeatedly preached to begin the activity of self realization in the form of NAMASMARAN right from childhood; irrespective of whether one understands the essence of it or not.

NAMASMARAN has been emphasized because most of the other supportive activities conducive to self realization; e.g. exercise, diet, social norms, career building, etiquettes, manners, customs, traditions, conventions, rituals, festivals, hobbies, art, entertainment; are generally followed without much resistance and without much reluctance! But all these in absence of NAMASMARAN; prove elusive and illusive.

In fact it happens so; that NAMASMARAN, and the sublime consciousness of global unity and simultaneous blossoming of one and all (BHAKTI); become obscure; and we start expecting some kind of “gain” from NAMASMARAN.

Any kind of so called “gains” and activities related to them are worth when they culminate in NAMASMARAN and BHAKTI. NAMASMARAN and the BHAKTI associated with it are thus the culmination of life and not the means for any gains!

Hence someone has said that he is ever grateful, humbled and prostrated in front of; and adores; all those who practice and promote NAMASMARAN.

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