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HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE is a process that encompasses inside and outside of an individual and society. It is a pleasant experience as well. We can call it TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT or SUPERLIVING as well!

HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE is the development of perspective, policies, plans, programs and their implementation; for individual and global blossoming.

One of the hallmarks of HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE is; evolving everything in life; to subserve individual and universal blossoming. Thus; industries, institutions, organizations, state machineries, nations, and universe; and of course; even the products, machines, equipments and practices in individual life; are evolved to boost and catalyze the process of individual and universal blossoming.

In other words; the instincts such as survival, physical activity, locomotion, urination, defecation, cleanliness, hunger, thirst, sexual desire, parental care, breast feeding; and emotional needs; such as friendship, dialogue, expression of conscience through art and literature; are fulfilled in an appropriate manner; thus culminating in individual and universal blossoming!

Some examples are;

Holistic education policy; that nurtures; creative, productive, psychomotor, affective and cognitive domains to ensure promotion of self empowerment, self sufficiency, self esteem and freedom from the need and dependence on certificates.

Abolition of the indiscriminate killing of animals for taste, sacrifice and/or other vested interests; spontaneously as well as by law, where abundant availability of healthy vegetarian food would be ensured by different agencies, organizations and/or governments.

Voluntary efforts and laws, to promote the practitioners of different disciplines of medicine; to grow into holistic healers and make it easy for the patients to get holistic advice and treatment for holistic health promotion and healing.

Dissolution of the divisions such as spiritual, material, theist, atheist, superstitious, rationalist; through the process of self empowerment through a common minimum program such as NAMASMARAN.


In day to day life; we usually consider loss and gain to make our priorities and take decisions.

But the tangible losses and gains compressible by our intelligence have limitations and hence usually prove inadequate and insufficient to satisfy and fulfill us fully!

The spirituality (DHARMA) in true sense is not at all contraposed to the day to day material life.

Actually it is the expedition of progressive perfection in using everything in life and the life itself; to blossom and culminate in ultimate, objective, immortal and cosmic romance.

NAMASMARAN is core of spirituality and various techniques in spirituality.

Let us understand that when it is said that NAMASMARAN should be practiced for the sake of itself; it is because practice of NAMASMARAN may not serve and comply our petty ego, ideas, illusions, desires, and expectations and so on. As a result we may get disheartened and feel that NAMASMARAN is impotent and sterile.

But NAMASMARAN is NOT impotent and sterile; but the omnipotent benevolence of NAMASMARAN is infinite and beyond the comprehension of ego oriented petty ideas, perspectives, desires, and expectations and so on!

It is best to start NAMASMARAN and grow with it into objective SELF; while in the process; gradually shedding off the ego (and our personal whims an fancies); and enjoy the universal benevolence of NAMASMARAN.

While the instincts of not merely survival, but racial, religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political supremacy are natural and understandable; they are undoubtedly the obstacles in individual and global blossoming. The rabid propaganda and the indiscriminate violence for one’s racial, religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political supremacy are counterproductive and self defeating.

But this statement is not new. It is written and spoken by almost every alternate person.

But the question is how to evolve ourselves out of our basal instincts and free ourselves from the shackles of barbarism?

We have to realize that our devotion and dedication to our religions is marred by our basal, barbaric, fanatic and frantic efforts to convert others to our religions. In fact by imposing certain way of life and code of conduct on others, we are insulting the spirit of our religions and the motto of global welfare of our religions.

We have to admit and confess to ourselves that conversions per se; whether by force, deceit or temptation are nothing but promotion and/or imposition of our pettiness, superficiality, whims, fancies, names and titles.

Furthermore; the conversion (whether by force, temptations or deceit) to certain names, titles, certain dress, certain arbitrary rules and regulations; is the greatest insult to an individual; and greatest violence against his/her freedom.

Let us therefore; as world citizens abstain from conversions and oppose them; morally, legally and in every benevolent way possible at individual and global levels.

Let us wake up from our slumber and revitalize ourselves from the inertia and lethargy to realize that we are blessed to rededicate to the true spirit of our religions and participate (and hence right from now; must participate) in the real and most urgent expedition of conquering our basal nature.

The success in rededicating to the motto and spirit of our religions and conquering our basal nature ensues when we begin NAMASMARAN, as per our beliefs and traditions. It is the simplest and universal way to individual and global blossoming.

Practicing, preaching, writing, publishing, broadcasting, sponsoring, talking, sharing; in fact; doing whatever we can to promote NAMASMARAN (and other activities and programs in respective fields conducive to NAMASMARAN and self realization); ensures and ensues individual and global blossoming; the motto and spirit of all religions.


It is a common experience that the accolades and admonitions from our parents, teachers, relatives, friends and even our followers and fans (if we are a celebrity); determine our happiness and sadness.

But why is this so?

This is because in our mind there is always a process of self evaluation on the basis of what we need, what we want, what we feel and what others need, want and feel; about us. Sometimes we give more importance to our views and at other times to those of others!

But amidst this conflict, there are occasions when we tend to agree with the opinions of others but can not comply with them. For example, we may agree with the public opinion that speaking truth is great; but we may not be able to follow it and then we may develop guilt, lowliness and self hatred.

If we do not give enough importance to our own perceptions and experiences and do not assert our conscience adequately, we may get bogged down by the opinions of the others and develop good or bad self image! In such a situation, we can be totally devastated if public opinion about us; is spoiled.
The stress of bad public opinion or defamation is there with us for millennia!

It is because, we are unable to negotiate with public opinion; that the public opinion becomes dangerously important, and we then try to hide our so called vices from the society! This forms the basis of our hypocrisy on the one hand and our black mailing by others on the other!

But even as we try to hide our “vices” from the society; since we agree with these opinions about our “vices”; in the heart of heart; these bad opinions keep reverberating in our person’s mind and make us miserable by guilt complex, which can lead even to violence towards ourselves (suicide) or others (murder)!

So the black mailing, suicides, murders and other crimes related to defamation can be prevented if we understand; “it is human to err but it is divine to forgive!” We have to learn to forgive ourselves and others! But this is easier said than practiced!

Not the defamation itself; but even the idea, thought and apprehension about defamation is so severe, that it can be destabilizing and devastating and ruin our life! We can get several examples in day to day life one of which is daughter’s marriage and related issues in sections of India.

As we have already seen, the defamation is a result of our thinking about ourselves and the peoples’ thinking about us. It is important to know ourselves (and the others) better, through NAMASMARAN and assert ourselves, which is what is done in Total Stress Management.


Do I have doubts about NAMSMARAN?

Yes! I have doubts even today! I am certainly not completely satisfied with NAMASMARAN, which is the fundamental and universal solution (other solutions being adjuvant) for the perceptible transition from individual and universal problems to individual and universal blossoming.

I am in doubts because; I can not be oblivious, indifferent, passive, inert and ‘happy’ with the sectarian and/or piecemeal approaches and policies revolving around petty perspectives, thoughts and interests in political, social, economic, medical, industrial, and agricultural, educational and other fields.

I can not think of and can not be happy with any liberation or mukti or Nirvana; without the universally beneficial policies and their actual implementation in all such fields of life.

Someone may object and say that NAMASMARAN is meant for self realization and not for social revolution.

My answer to this is, “Merging in NAMASMARAN completely; is being cosmic self, the reflection of which is the universe and society. Hence there can not be any liberation without the actual reflection in personal and social life. The feeling of liberation in absence of such changes (the details of which may vary) is only an illusion and self deception.

All the ideas and pursuits of “personal” liberation (without tangible change in reality) are actually petty and actually counterproductive.

I get agonies when I see the burning problems of people at global to local levels, just as I get disturbed by my own physical pain, financial crisis, humiliation in personal life etc.

That is why I try to propagate not merely NAMASMARAN, but also its the inseparable aspects viz. globally beneficial perspective, policies, plans and programs, to be evolved by the leaders in different fields, and their meticulous implementation by the masses; and thereby; the successful individual and universal blossoming in actual day to day life!

What is the solution to the doubts?
The solution to the doubts is; to continue to practice NAMASMARAN victoriously with confidence! We can; then blissfully “see” the cosmic consciousness manifesting (beyond subjective consciousness, conceptual framework and time frame) in personal and the social life from time immemorial!


NAMASMARAN is apparently a simple activity. But actually it is such a deep process; that it churns the entire interior of us. It brings out to surface the subconscious instincts and emotions to such an extent that we are afraid of our own selves. It can shake us from within and even shatter our conviction in NAMASMARAN.

NAMASMARAN is apparently a passive and least exciting activity. It does not create infatuation as that for patriotism, philanthropy, business, stardom etc.
We can therefore feel let down in the glamour, glitter respectability and accolades received by the celebrities and feel that because of NAMASMARAN; we have become defunct, redundant and dejected!

The humiliation of NAMASMARAN (as a too simple a process and also least exciting one) by many; is because of our passivity and indolent practice of NAMASMARAN. We practice NAMASMARAN to escape from the search of truth and its expression! We practice NAMASMARAN mechanically and parasitically to subserve our petty interests (and often get frustrated). We keep on running away from the roots of the day to day problems of individuals and the universe prove ourselves to be morons in front of the critics of NAMASMARAN.

To avoid this; the practice of NAMASMARAN ought to be; coupled with internalization and propagation of holistic perspective, thinking, emotions and actions. In absence of this we ourselves; though unknowingly; become the slaves and victims of barbaric instincts, fanatic emotions and petty intellect; and unknowingly harbor soft corner for these! Naturally; therefore we keep on subserving and nurturing these barbaric instincts, fanatic emotions and petty intellect inside us and in the society and keep on actually facilitating the threat to individual and global blossoming!

We must buttress our NAMASMARAN with practice and propagation of holistic perspective, thinking, emotions and actions; for successfully overcoming the traps of barbarism and pettiness; and to reach the fulfilling and ultimate experience of individual and universal blossoming; through NAMASMARAN.


The words such as ghosts, spirits (and synonyms such as bhoot, pishaccha, hadal, devachar, sammandha, mrutatma, pretatma; in Indian languages) indicate inexplicable, intangible phenomena; often written off as “psychological”; while hardly knowing mind!!

When a common man thinks of various problems unexplainable on physical, chemical or any other basis, he or she tends to attribute the problems to the entities mentioned above.

The modern medical experts, who laugh/ridicule at these terms, must introspect and admit to themselves that they do not know anything about physiological location, extent, dimensions and chemical/physical characteristics of mind, to which they attribute all these phenomena.

Let us not take pride on our semantics! Let us not fight over the semantics. Let us not hide our ignorance and boost our self destructive arrogance with the crutches of so called modern or traditional terms; such as idiopathic, schizophrenia, hysteria and ghosts, spirits etc. respectively!

Let us understand that whether we conceive the inexplicable phenomena in terms of modern terms or traditional terms, what matters is, whether we can conquer them, and if so how!

Just as we can not define and demonstrate ghost, so also, we can not define and demonstrate subconscious, unconscious and other phenomena attributed to and described in relation to mind in psychology and psychiatry. They are only ideas, experienced or agreed upon by some.

In my experience, self empowerment is the most important and common answer irrespective of semantics.

According to me, various problems including mental problems begin to get minimized and milder, in the process of practice of NAMASMARAN; in accordance with one’s tradition. The various means and techniques for empowerment and enlightenment such as medicaments, yogasana, pranayama, and various other remedies can work as adjuvant measures. But they require suitability of certain physical circumstances, and these suitable circumstances also keep getting evolved around the transtemporal cosmic consciousness (which we merge with through NAMASMARAN).

It is said that, NAMASMARAN enables us to conquer (and even emancipate) ghosts; categorized as unexplainable or partially explainable psychosomatic and other individual and social problems. NAMASMARAN is the hallmark and also the core of individual and cosmic blossoming!

As and when the majority would begin to practice NAMAMSRAN the disputes created by and based on semantics would begin to get dissolved because of the commonality of the sublime experience!

One can verify this, but not merely for oneself, but by sharing this conviction with maximum people.


Gizmo; our beautiful Labrador dog came in our house and commanded love and pampering as well! He did not articulate his emotions in words.
But his presence was extraordinarily cheerful, vitalizing and elating. His every gesture exuded immense love and involvement in us. His looking, His licking, his rubbing, his asking for food, his asking for going out and everything had a subtle power to exalt us beyond our frail linguistic framework.

I could never pin point the element that captivated us in his love and care. He became the most important “person” of attention and adoring of all of us!

When Gizmo was transferred to kennel everyone felt as if a lump of his/her flesh was lost!

Tears gathered in my eyes, with deep sense of loss!

Gradually and with great difficulty I articulated my own feelings and dialogued with myself. I tried to decipher my relationship with Gizmo.

I re-explored the genuine, innocent and spontaneous love to which the deep shelf of my heart had become deserted.

I realized the petty subjectivity, vanity and mediocrity, of my indifference to animals and their trivialization in my mind.

In Gizmo I could now breathe the unspoken and hidden love in my heart for universe.

Verily my interactions with Gizmo restored the capacity to love, love unconditionally and unhesitatingly.

This treasure of my life is really precious. In my craving to do something for near and dear Gizmo; I began to remember the name of God for universal justice and welfare; and especially all the living beings that can not speak and express themselves in words!


The misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the aphorism or MAHAVAKYA “I am Brahma” and concept of “God” are responsible for the indolence, indifference, false self contentment, self righteousness, parasitic helplessness, inaction or fanatic actions and STRESS.

It is high time; we realize for our own blossoming, that God is an experience of self realization and not a matter of paranoid beliefs and delusions, with respect to His role in day to day individual gains and losses; as clearly stated in the 5th chapter of Gita. God is a phenomenon to be explored and experienced; that is all. It is like the freshness one experiences after bath. We do not believe or preach the others to believe in the experience of freshness!

GOD is indescribable; because; the word existence itself; is actually very deep and infinite!

Existence of a stone, existence of electricity, existence of laser rays, existence of space, existence of time, existence of a bird, existence of a boy, existence of mind, existence of feeling, existence of thoughts all are described by a single word “existence”!

As a result of ignoring the meanings of the word “existence”, the followers of so called atheism and theism amongst us; go on arguing endlessly and the truth i.e. the sense of satisfaction, unity, fearlessness, joy keep on eluding us.

Let us understand that The God does not exist and does not “NON” exist! The God experience is beyond the routine, crude and restrictive meaning of the word “exist”!

GOD is indescribable by qualitative or quantitative languages due to innumerable attributes; and hence just termed GOD. One of the attributes of GOD is that; it forms the innate bond between us and others. But, since this bond is concealed within our subjectivity, ego, or individualism, we are ignorant of GOD.

This ignorance, which is actually the lack of realization or experience; secedes all of us from the universe and one another, causing STRESS and rendering us isolated, lonely, weak or violent within our core.
Reorienting to this GOD through NAMASMARAN (which is the rationale and core of Total Stress Management) is the most fulfilling culmination of human life. Total Stress Management in turn, constitutes all the activities (perspective, policies, programs, plans and administration); to facilitate such culmination, by blossoming of one and all!

In other words; Total Stress Management involves; blossoming of individual and universal consciousness and behavior so as to create living conditions to accelerate this process of reorienting to GOD.

Total stress Management is DHARMA.

Opposition to this process of unified blossoming; in thoughts, feelings and actions is ADHARMA.

NAMASMARAN consolidates our position in GOD and is DHARMA.

The perception of harmony and unity of universe is one of the indications of realization of GOD.

The behavior in all walks of life (such as politics, economics, agriculture and nutrition etc.) to enhance this perception is DHARMA.

Actions against this are ADHARMA.

NAMASMARAN reorients us to GOD and is DHARMA.

The unconditioned acceptance, love and respect for the innate; blossoming consciousness in universe in general and in every heart in particular; are symptoms of realization of GOD.

The steps taken to nurture this are DHARMA. The endeavor to jeopardize this; is ADHARMA.

NAMASMARAN reestablishes us in GOD and is DHARMA.

The deep respect and commitment for motherhood, brotherhood, friendship and such sublime selfless relations is one of the features of realization GOD.
The conduct in tune with and to promote this respect and commitment is DHARMA.

The tendencies to go against this constitute ADHARMA.

NAMASMARAN rejuvenates us in GOD and is DHARMA.

The process of blossoming of objective consciousness and love; conquering petty considerations and vested interests; indicates realization of GOD.

The way of life to nurture this feeling in all walks of life; is DHARMA.

The impulses, urges and cravings and their pursuits in opposite direction constitute ADHARMA.

NAMASMARAN empowers us to realize GOD and is DHARMA.

The process of growing from subjectivity, pettiness, inertia, fear, insecurity, loneliness, hatred, jealousy, contempt, arrogance, vindictiveness, melancholy, frustration, defeatism, cynicism, escapism; to objectivity and unifying the core of all beings is the process of orienting to GOD.

The actual involvement in this process and its strengthening in all walks of life is DHARMA.

Conspiracy to oppose this process is ADHARMA.

NAMASMARAN reinforces our conviction in GOD and is DHARMA.

GOD and DHARMA are present ubiquitously. They keep blossoming with various proportions in different individuals and at different times and in different places, irrespective of whether a person calls himself or herself; a theist or an atheist and of one religion or another.

NAMASMARAN is a way (that we are more familiar with and accessible to every one at literally no cost); of realizing GOD and DHARMA within and outside. While enjoying this golden opportunity of NAMASMARAN to the best of our capacity, we can see and participate in Total Stress Management i.e. DHARMA; which is imminent, inevitable and irresistible.

NAMASMARAN empowers us; to be participate in Total Stress Management embodying holistic perspective, policy making, plans, programs and their implementation, in personal and social life (DHARMA); and conquer STRESSORS and STRESS (ADHARMA); and to meet or merge (YOGA) with our true self (GOD)!

NAMASMARAN also frees us from fanatic and regimentalized paradigms (ADHARMA) and we begin to appreciate that; the needs (normal and physiological i.e. conducive to self realization) of individuals and societies; vary at different stages; and in different circumstances of life; and also as per individual variations; thus; beliefs, struggles, protests, philanthropy, reservations, escapism etc. have a temporary place in an individual and a society, as per the degree of evolution.

Neither the believers nor the disbelievers are free from STRESS.

The conflict between belief and disbelief; petty self and universal self, inside (the needs, instincts, feelings and thoughts) and outside (personal and social behavior); and the resultant stress; continue to trouble till the believers and nonbelievers are trapped in petty self.

However, when the believers and nonbelievers evolve into selfless, independent and universal self, through “freedom” from petty self, the stress inside (needs, instincts, feelings and thoughts) and outside (personal and social behavior) begins to disappear!

To ascertain and experience this; we should give top priority to practice and propagation; of NAMASMARAN, amidst rest of the hustle and bustle of life.


We need to recall the anecdote of people punishing a woman for having committed sin and a prophet admonishing the crowd that; only the person, who never committed any sin, could punish the lady!

Today, while making hue and cry about crimes and blunders; we have to introspect and see how much we are free from crimes and blunders; which might have escaped the attention of society and law. Aren’t we all; contributing to and hence responsible for the dismal state of affairs in the world; to a greater or lesser extent?

It requires enormous courage to accept this.

Generally we do not show such courage because we are afraid of falling in our own eyes. We are shuddered by the thought of being humiliated by the society besides being punished. In addition we have several (though lame) excuses and even justifications; for having committed the crimes or blunders.

However, after certain stage of development we realize that we are intricately interconnected and influence one another, through our deeds.

This is why lately; increasing number of people has begun to understand that present arbitrary ways of deterrent punishment can not solve the global problem of crimes, corruption and blunders.

What is urgently required; is; a global expedition of purification of heart and holistic rejuvenation and revitalization of our core. NAMASMARAN, which cures and prevents criminal and corrupt mentality and tendency to commit blunders; would help in blossoming from within and in evolving constructive and holistic solutions for healthier and happier global life.
In view of the global upheavals going on in many countries; and in view of the impending danger of uncontrolled unleashing of blazing passions and emotions; culminating in indiscriminate violence, crimes, blunders; NAMASMARAN has become all the more important .

HEALTH is development of perspective, policies, plans, programs and implementation of for individual and global blossoming. This may be called HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE. The message of Geeta is; such HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE is bound to manifest; irrespective of whether we involve in this process (DHARMA YUDDHA) or not.

Appropriate care and nurturing of all the components and their subservience to absolute consciousness would be evolved and inbuilt; in the machines, industries, institutions, organizations, state machineries, nations, and universe; and of course; in the individual life; in coming future.

The instincts such as physical activity, locomotion, urination, defecation, cleanliness, hunger, thirst, safety, sexual desire, parental care, breast feeding; and emotional needs such as friendship, dialogue, expression of conscience through art and literature would be fulfilled in an appropriate manner culminating in the imminent process of individual and universal blossoming!

Some examples of how this would manifest are;
The education policy would be evolved into holistic education policy nurturing creative, productive, psychomotor, affective and cognitive domains. It would ensure promotion of self empowerment, self sufficiency and self esteem and freedom from the need and dependence on certificates.

The indiscriminate killing of animals for taste, sacrifice and/or other vested interests; would be stopped; spontaneously as well as by law. Abundant availability of healthy vegetarian food would be ensured by different agencies/organizations/governments.

There would be evolution of voluntary efforts and laws, which would promote the practitioners of different disciplines of medicine; to grow into holistic healers and make it easy for the patients to get holistic advice and treatment for holistic health promotion and healing.

The divisions such as spiritual, material, theist, atheist, superstitious, rationalist etc would begin to dissolve in common pursuit of HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE through the common minimum program of NAMASMARAN.


While reading books by Mr. Ramachandra Krishna Kamat (who has edited Shri Gurucharitra), about Namasmaran I found reference, which indicates that the practice of NAMASMARAN goes on purifying the various 12 houses in the horoscope.

I think further reference was made to Shri Tembe Swami i.e. Paramahansa Parivrajakacharya Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati Maharaj who has endorsed or upheld this conviction.

I also found that Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj i.e. Brahmachaitanya Maharaj from Gndavale (Satara, Maharashtra) expressing a view that NAMASMARAN takes you beyond the influence of planets.

He has also expressed the opinion that NAMASMARAN takes “you” beyond time.

The readers can study and explore the purport of these views and share their views with others.


Imperialism is born out of the instincts of racial, religious, ideological, cultural, economic and political supremacy on the one hand and helpless submission to them on the other. These are natural and understandable; but at the same time; undoubtedly retrogressive, exploitative, oppressive, coercive, brutal and destructive and/or suicidal.

The racial, ideological, cultural, economic and political aggressions, invasions, expansions are either deceptive, illusive, disguised, surreptious, concealed, covert; or blatantly barbaric and coercive or both and have been taking place in many parts of the world, for millennia. These have been usually associated with corrupt distortion of historical facts of philosophy, religions, ideologies, sociology, politics and even art and literature and science and gullible submission to; and admission of; them.

If we introspect and try to understand and appreciate our own deepest aspirations, then we would realize that the basic desire of ownership, and possessions when multiplies cancerously; it culminates into all types of imperialism and expansionism.

Through NAMASMARAN, the desires of ownership, possessions and “control” are consumed into our inner growth enabling us to unite internally with the core of the whole universe and appreciate, admire and enjoy everything; without craving for ownership.

When the craze for ownership declines through NAMASMARAN; the rabid competition and the indiscriminate violence for petty ownership and possession also dwindles and the era of unity, cordiality and mutually fulfilling individual and global blossoming dawns.

When billions of people begin to get immersed in NAMASMARAN and share the ambrosia with billions others; the corrupt distortion of historical facts begins to get reversed. All the ideologies, philosophies, religions, literature, art, science and law; begin to get revitalized, rejuvenated, remodeled and holisticized so as to become globally blossoming.


The problem with philosophy and spiritualism is that they are not objectively tangible. They are not accessible to mathematical derivation or laboratory verification. They are in the realm of experience; or in fact; beyond the phenomenon of experience, object of experience and the experiencer.

One of the culminations of various philosophies and spiritual practices (though the semantics vary) is; “the life beyond physiological existence or life beyond dualities; referred to as STHITAPRADNYA in Geeta”.

But most of us are unable to conquer their passions, emotions and thoughts! Even those, who spend decades together in practice of different types of meditation and/or other ways of SADHANA including NAMASMARAN; fail to conquer their passions, emotions and thoughts!

Why could this be so?

The answer is simple.

Our passions, emotions and thoughts are not STATIC objects. They are kinetic entities. They are developed extremely quickly; from the deep realms of unconscious and subconscious states. They are so rapid that we hardly notice them before they already produced their impact. This is why we hardly get any time to think and deal with them. Hence we have no control on them. We notice them helplessly; only after they have already influenced us!

They are like lightening, thunder, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis inside us, which can not be contained by relatively petty, casual, superficial and slow efforts. We need far more precise anticipation and more accurate, quick, strong tools to prevent and/or combat them.

Being casual, superficial and petty; makes us slow and inert. We keep on indulging in blame games and get dragged in petty pains and pleasures in individual and social life in different walks of life.

Theoretical understanding and convictions of philosophies and practices of spiritualism (including NAMASMARAN); in the initial stages; are too feeble and slow to reach the unconscious and subconscious strata of our beings and influence our passions, emotions and thoughts.

Later however; through NAMASMARAN; we surely return from our slow and slavish physiological existence into dynamic, proactive and free cosmic nature. Our petty passions, emotions, thoughts and actions get transformed into globally benevolent phenomena while they are being originated.


Political leaders and their intellectual advisors from different fields with mistaken identity and petty frame of mind are trying to gratify themselves and elate their bloated (though tiny) ego with jargons such as Marathi asmita(pride), Marathi manoos (person), and Marathi Bhasha (language) prem (love); and so on.

While this is happening on one hand; their sectarian opponents with petty motives; are trying to disguise themselves as broad minded, large hearted; and ultimate patriotic elements.

As a common Marathi or Non-Marathi man I tend to vacillate between the illusory fear of loss of natural self respect and my livelihood being in peril on the one hand; and soothing strength of humane and unifying attitude (with global-prem) on the other.

What is the solution to my dilemma?

As a common man I must understand that this problem; is that of a self styled leader generalizing his or her own subjective and illusory feeling of self inadequacy or paranoid fear (of being dominated by the others); and extrapolating it to the general population. This is the hallmark of the petty, fanatic, selfish, maniacal and/or treacherous leaderships on both sides.

Even though the petty leaders on both sides are trying to sell their narrowness and blame games; and many of us; find (deceptive) gratification in following these ideas, (due to our own narrowness, pessimism, lethargy and viciousness), soon we and our leaders would be disillusioned. Moreover; if we all and our petty leaders do not rectify in time; we would degenerate and deteriorate ourselves and inflict the others with such deterioration.

It is high time that these popular and populist leaders; and all of us tending to get dragged after them; recognize the impending flood of universal enlightenment and work in unison with the forces of nature ushering it; and blossom together!

While everyone one of us is prone to get possessed by such infection of lowly feeling; and fall prey to parochial chauvinism; the solution does not lie in such vicious and barbaric reactions. We have to make efforts to rise and bravely conquer the obstacles to growth; inside and outside; and blossom together!

Marathi manoos (as well as others) has gone far and wide and excelled in a variety of fields and walks of life; such as art, sports, languages, trade, sciences, finances, politics and spirituality; and all the fields for that matter, but not with a narrow identity such as Marathi or Non-Marathi manoos.

In this respect the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi is a guiding light for the whole mankind and all of us even today. In essence; Mahatma Gandhi tried to initiate individual and global blossoming and self empowerment.

Charkha, khaadi, naturopathy, walking, moolodyog (productive element in education); were all; essentially aimed at such individual and global blossoming and self empowerment! Freedom; for him; meant freedom from within and outside; and for India as well as; for all people of world!

For him, nonviolence meant “a state where lowly and petty reactivity in the form of all kinds of brutality and indiscriminate inflictions; towards oneself and the others”; would be unnecessary and redundant!

Mahatma Gandhi’s globally benevolent ideas articulated in his “inner voice” had sprung from the enlightenment inside; which was often ridiculed as inscientific. Wherefrom did this inner voice and enlightenment originate? Undoubtedly; it originated from his practice of NAMASMARAN.

One can also argue that NAMASMARAN sprung from the enlightenment!

In any case; NAMASMARAN and enlightenment inseparably go hand in hand and form Mahatma Gandhi’s innate core!

The peripheral and superficial aspects of Mahatma Gandhi’s personality and life; such as his sheep, his ideas about population control and abortion, his often inexplicable or controversial tactics and decisions, his austerity, dhoti, spectacles, abstinence, celibacy and now even pen; have been referred to, discussed, dramatized, highlighted, hyped, talked about and projected repeatedly.

His so called followers vociferously praise many of such ideas as Gandhism and project it as panacea; and his adversaries seriously criticize and condemn them vehemently.

We have this life time chance to follow the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi viz. individual and global blossoming and self empowerment.

We must understand that if our blossoming is punctuated; then our inner growth is stunted. In as much it is unnatural to deny our physical and subsequent identities; it is antinatural; to stop growing and get saddled in; one or more of the “primitive identities”. Such stunting leads to STRESS, contradictions and disastrous effects.

We must understand that restricting our identity creates a conflict in our mind when it comes to judging humane and inhuman acts.

If a person committing some inhuman acts; is our family member; and a person serving mankind selflessly happens to be unrelated to us; then whom should we identify ourselves with? Whom should we consider as “ours”? Whom should we accept, love and respect? This holds true for other identities such as our caste, nation, and religion and so on; as well!

There is no denial whatsoever that we have all our identities; but we are not merely identified by our body, family, caste, village, religion etc; but all these; together with our spirit of individual and global blossoming!

We must understand that seekers of truth involved in the blossoming of mankind; whether belong to any of our primitive and restrictive identities or not; are our soul mates! It is said that one of the simplest ways of realizing this; is and blossoming with the universe; is practice of NAMASMARAN. It is up to us; however, whether to keep blossoming together with the universe, or to get trapped in the restrictive identities and throttle our soul!

We should not merely believe, disbelieve, imagine, conjecture, or theorize casually; about what is written here; and develop presumptions, prejudices, liking, acceptance, disliking, rejection; and go into uncertainty, dilemma, indecision, wavering, and vacillations! In stead; we should; though provisionally; accept and actually study and practice TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT and NAMASMARAN; and verify.


There are following view points about money.

Do not bother about money because you are not going to take it along with you after you die.
Money is most important. No body; friends, relatives, family members and even spouse and children do not care if you do not have money. So earn and save money in whatever way possible!
Money is important. But earn money in “proper way” or by “legitimate means”.

The first statement is popular amongst people, but probably no one takes it seriously. Every now and then we need money when we are alive. Further, we do not know what happens after death and hence whether we carry the money or not is immaterial. Most important thing we know that we definitely require money while we are living till we die! Since we do not know when we are going to die, we would not like to stop earning and saving money, till we are living. Moreover; since no one can predict, how much money and when may be required (while we are alive); we would like to earn and save as much as possible! Money certainly gives us support, assurance, comfort, sense of security and protection. This is especially so; because we witness the misery of those who do not have money in their problems and in old age!

The second statement may appear practically tempting and attractive.

But simply wishing to be rich, does not help earning and saving. Even as we may like to be infinitely rich, is it practically possible for every one of us?

Even if we consider money to be most important and try to earn it by every possible (even illegitimate) means; many of us are likely to be either caught and punished or deceived.

Hence; we can not make money simply by giving importance to money! There is no guaranteed formula for becoming rich just because we wish!

Now, the third option of earning money in “proper means” or “legitimate manner” is extremely tricky.

There is no definite criterion of what is “proper”! The ethical norms, customs, traditions and conventions in different parts of the world in different periods; have been different. The laws, regulations, ordinances, and government rules; not merely vary; but are often actually designed to favor some people and harm others!

The so called ethical and honest earning is rendered “corrupt” if the plans and policies of our rulers are corrupt! Alternatively; looting the alien ruler’s treasures has been acclaimed and adored with great respect and honor!

In short, there is no dependable and specific guideline for choosing a particular career that can assure financial success, assurance and safety during our life (especially during our ailments and problems)!

What can be said about earning and saving money is; we should not be unrealistic, panicky, hysterical, insecure, desperate and miserable (and make others also miserable); or delirious, euphoric, callous, discriminate and barbaric; about how we should earn and how much we should save!

NAMASMARAN ensures wholesome blossoming of our sense of judgment and wisdom to choose/decide the appropriate careers, for not only earning and saving; but fulfilling our lives through contributing to individual and universal blossoming!


Namasmaran (From Sanskrit: Nama = a (divine) name; smaran = remembrance); means remembering the name of God, either loudly or silently. This is called jaap, jap, jikra in Hindi and Urdu respectively.

Namasmaran is a traditional practice of Stress Management; that is beyond exploitative, mercenary, commercial, professional and even philanthropic transactions. It is practiced in many religions including Hindu, Christian, and Muslim etc. Namasmaran; by virtue of its almost universal acceptability, simplicity, non-technicality and inexpensiveness has the potential to be beneficial in stress management, to majority of people in the world, irrespective of age, sex, occupation, socioeconomic stratum, race, religion, culture, ideology, nationality. This is especially so, because; namasmaran does not involve any stringent rules, coercive regulations or crippling bindings such as; conceptual, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural and traditional. It does not interfere with the customs or belief systems. Namasmaran is said to reorient us to our own selves, empower us and reenkindles our potential to blossom together! It is said to revitalize and rejuvenate us and catalyze the evolution and implementation of holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and achieve individual and global blossoming; inside and outside!

Conceptual and procedural details of namasmaran:
Namasmaran usually embodies; remembering the name of God, Guru, great souls such as prophets; and whatever is considered as holy e.g. planets and stars. It is remembered silently, loudly, along with music, dance, along with breathing, in group or alone. Further, namasmaran is either counted by some means such as fingers, rosary (called SMARANI or JAPAMALA), or electronic counter; or practiced without counting. The traditions vary from region to region and from religion to religion.

The principle (hypothesis) underlying namasmaran; is to reorient our physiological and social being; with our true self and establish and strengthen the bond between; our physiological and social being; with our true self; and finally reunification or merger with our true self! Since individual consciousness is the culmination of every activity in life; and namasmaran is the pinnacle of or culmination of individual consciousness; namasmaran; is actually; opening the final common pathway to objective or cosmic consciousness; so that individual consciousness in every possible activity gets funneled into or unified with our true self!

Thus namasmaran is said to be the YOGA of YOGA in the sense that it is the culmination of consciousness associated with every possible procedure and technique in the yoga that we are familiar with. It is the YOGA of YOGA; also because it is the culmination of consciousness associated with all the activities in the universe, which it encompasses as well! It is YOGA of YOGA because everybody in the world irrespective of his/her tradition and the beliefs; would eventually, ultimately and naturally reach it; in the process of liberation. Even so called non believers also would not “miss” the “benefit of namasmaran as they may remember "true self" through one symbol or another”!

It is said to be meditation of meditation; because the natural and ultimate climax of every form of meditation; is remembering true self or merging with cosmic consciousness effortlessly!
It is said that namasmaran would certainly enlighten, empower and enlighten billions to evolve, guide and consolidate; the global conscience and empower the global perspective, policies, plans and programs; and thereby usher in global unity, harmony and justice.

We should not merely believe, disbelieve, imagine, conjecture, or theorize casually about namasmaran. We should not develop presumptions, prejudices, liking, acceptance, disliking, rejection or respect; and go into uncertainty, dilemma, indecision, wavering, and vacillations! In stead; we should provisionally accept, study and practice namasmaran; and verify.

Some arguments against namasmaran:

1. Namasmaran does not seem to produce tangible results; if compared to scientific research, socio-political activities, agricultural activities, handicrafts etc. In view of this; there is no basis that namasmaran can lead to global blossoming.

True. There is no basis. Nobody can provide the "experimental and quantifiable" proof. We have ourselves to to practice, experience and verify.

2. There is no demonstrable cause and effect relationship to say that namasmaran evolves us into objective or cosmic consciousness or imparts global perspective.

True. We can not prove that namasmaran evolves us into objective or cosmic consciousness; or imparts global perspective! This is matter of verification.

3. Namasmaran has no demonstrable influence on individual or social life. Namasmaran is wastage of time. In fact; One may feel that namasmaran has benevolent role, because of erroneously attributing the good changes in him or her; to namasmaran; when in fact; it could actually be the other way round; that is; good changes in him or her; have lead to him or her to develop interest in namasmaran.

This argument is because of inability to “see” anything tangible and rather the addiction to believe in a thing; only if it is tangible! It can not therefore be refuted. It can only be satisfied if the questioner exercises his or her freedom to blossom his or her capacity to “see” and "experience" the benefits of namasmaran.

It is said that namasmaran can influence the social life, because the blossoming is irresistibly manifested in society; impossible to be ignored. There are many illustrious examples such as scholarly saints Dnyaneshvar, Tukaram, Ramadas, Eknath, Waman Pandit, Meera, Kabir; including Mahatma Gandhi.

It is also said that if we have doubt about whether namasmaran blossoms us into cosmic consciousness, or cosmic consciousness absorbs us into namasmaran; or cosmic consciousness some how is related to namasmaran, or whether namasmaran has anything to do with cosmic consciousness; then also there is freedom to blossom and experience rather than condemned to get buried in the sterile semantics! All in all, practice of namasmaran and the experience associated with it; are innate and beyond linguistic comprehension and communication; though the glimpses of its supremacy can be described. We have freedom NOT to believe in namasmaran blindly; and provisionally accept, study, experiment out and experience!

4. What is the sense in the claim that there is "active peace" in namasmaran; as suggested by some?

The “Active Peace” is a concept to suggest desireless (absence of subjective desire) desire i.e. objective desire. This is a stage in life reached by many; through namasmaran. It can not be and need not be arbitrarily imposed on oneself, because, even as it is pleasant to those who achieve it; it is not usually imaginable and hence agreeable to those; who are engrossed in sensual pleasures.

In fact we find it quite dreadful to be “freed” from these “pleasures”! This is a kind of “fear of loss”! We become miserable even with the thought of such “dreaded freedom”! However if we think keenly, then we can (in the course of namasmaran) imagine how sublime and towering is this stage, why it is acclaimed in books like Bhagavad Gita; and why knowingly or unknowingly; we all tend to move towards it.

5. Is it not true that namasmaran has nothing to offer in material terms?

It is true that namasmaran does not ensure any concrete material gains as such. But it actually “converts” us from our “seeker” status into a “master” status! We become masters of our petty selves! In fact this is the hallmark of progress in any culture; anywhere in the world.

However; what sort of conversion we undergo; what sort of masters we become; has no tangibility. Practitioners of namasmaran say, "Having delivered a child and having become a mother; need not be proved to others; or need not be proved by getting certified from others. The mother knows it more than anyone else! It is her privilege! The change within us through namasmaran is accessible to experience and not dependent for its validation on any words and proofs!"

6. Why is namasmaran ridiculed by many of us?

Namasmaran binds us in “something” non sensuous; and due to our immaturity; appears to force us away from our likes and dislikes i.e. our ego. Since this is painful; we ridicule it as foolish, escapist, nihilistic, nonsense and erratic activity.

7. Is it not true that namasmaran is a kind of paranoid behavior or slavish behavior?

Initially; namasmaran gives us the feeling of submission, prostration, defeat, surrender, prostration by negation of ourselves. But actually this negation is of ego, and victory of our true self. But since we do not realize this initially, we feel that this is an unpleasant and discomforting paranoid activity, which is not true.

8. What is the use of practicing namasmaran right from childhood?

If we practice namasmaran right from childhood even without much understanding; this subconscious learning experience remains in our subconscious and is pivotal in setting us free from our lower self. Because of namasmaran; we become oriented to our higher selves and conquer the stress resulting from the dragging by the lower self. This is why we should provide or impart (by including in all the curriculums and daily routines) the practice of namasmaran right from childhood.

9. Is there any reason to believe that the world would unite and blossom?

No. There is no reason to believe in anything. There is no reason to disbelieve; or waver and vacillate either! It is however a golden opportunity and privilege to practice namasmaran and be free to “see” the world re-exploring the hitherto imperceptible unity and blossoming together!! This is analogous to appropriate linking of the bogies of a train; or assembly of various parts of a car; or even connection of various types of cells in a body!

In view of above arguments against and in favor; namasmaran appears to provide a completely radical and holistic yet totally nonviolent, inexpensive and universally acceptable tool of stress management. Stress as such can be managed; but only temporarily and symptomatically by many ways such as; shopping, taking shower, swimming, skating, skiing, singing, slimming and many such measures; which serve as at best; adjuvant measures.


NAMASMARAN means remembering the name of God, i.e. one’s innate and true self and thus helps to blossom from petty self into cosmic self in the course of time!

Namasmaran links all the faculties in an individual and helps him evolve integrity between thoughts, feelings, instincts and actions.

Namasmaran cements the generation gap with consideration and love.

Namasmaran helps to rise above petty whims and fancies and enjoy sublime bonds of love amongst family members, relatives and friends.
Namasmaran wields the bonds of understanding amongst people of different professions and of different strata.

Namasmaran builds lasting bonds amongst people of different regions.

Namasmaran builds the bridges of acceptance and love amongst different religions.

Namasmaran helps in uniting different races.

Namasmaran helps in nurturing love between people of different nationalities.

Namasmaran brings the actual spiritualism in day today life in every walk of life i.e. actually catalyzes the reunification of spiritualism and materialism.


I would be obliged if the practitioners of NAMASMARAN comment whether these views from their point of view; are realistic or are infatuations and/or utopia.


Even as there are many apparent causes of stress, which we refer to as stressors, our stress is fundamentally produced due to the tussle and tug of war between; the innate attraction of our soul and the dragging forces of temptation! Thus we keep getting attracted and engrossed in apparently pleasant activities; often hyped in literature; or elsewhere for commercial purposes. This is why; we are fascinated by the thrill in; ferry tales, romantic associations, the utopian radicalism, charity, indulgence, physical sex, fashions, glamour, glitter, power, fame, entertainment and even academic successes barring the urge of our soul!

The concepts and precepts in Hindu dharma as I know and understand are actually ways of Total Stress Management. They constitute; a conglomeration of perspectives and practices in various traditions; which utilize physical, instinctual, emotional and intellectual needs; and cognitive, psychomotor and affective capabilities; for simultaneous blossoming of self and all, i.e. self realization! Depending on the stage of evolution; various the means and ways are used in these.

However this way of life can appear to be coercive to us in view of our blazing passions and emotions and hence we may rebel against such a way of life. This is usually due to our ignorance. But after rebellion we are left with some possibilities about our fate. Thus, we may become atheist. We may shun the rituals and get converted to a religion where there are fewer rituals. We may become bohemian and indulgent. We may leave the mainstream society and become ascetic. We may become a radical and take to arms; or we may even become morbidly ambitious and resort to illegal activities. Of course there could be many more possibilities.

However, the issue is that in every possible fate we become indiscriminately violent towards self and/or the others; and unhappy and disgruntled in the heart i.e. STRESSED. This is what is reflected in the society we live in, and where all the sermons about austerity, simplicity and goodness; on the one hand and all the propaganda of indulgence and petty pursuits on the other; are rendered pathetically ridiculous and obnoxiously repugnant respectively.

When the forces assisting our inward return following the call of our soul; are unable to decisively conquer the forces dragging us away from our soul, then it is called a state of GLANI of DHARMA! This leads to unbearable stress, in and around!

The solution traditionally provided is NAMASMARAN. Whether we call NAMASMARAN; good, bad, scientific, unscientific, logical, absurd, rational, irrational, theistic, atheistic, religious, irreligious or anything, it is the (chief or most important) way (other means being adjuvant), for reorienting our perspective, thinking, instincts and our whole existence towards the quest and the thirst of our soul!

This is associated with simultaneous blossoming of one and all.

NAMASMARAN may appear to be “spiritual” and isolated from day to day transactions, logic and science. But this is not true. Through NAMASMARAN our personal and social life; gets reoriented and reorganized; towards the urge of our soul, which is blossoming of one and all, thus decisively defeating stress; every moment!


Indulgence and asceticism, atheism and theism, romance and renunciation; and such variety of apparently conflicting phenomena impart completion to life. If you try to take away anyone of these, the life appears incomplete.

In fact even as I was convinced intellectually about the value of NAMSMARAN in life and wrote books on it right from 1992, one of the major hurdles in appreciating and experiencing the cosmic benevolence of NAMASMARAN was its depiction (or my erroneous perception of the depiction) as an activity of elderly, neurotic, inactive, pessimists, escapists and failed individuals. Even the books, movies, and dramas on saints and bhakti sangeet also (devotional music) made saintly life and the practice of NAMASMARAN appear miserable and pathetic. I never thought this was the “A grade” happiness, implied in spiritualism or self realization.

Partly because of this and partly because of the social justice and freedom implied in the atheism, which I cherish even today, I could not be involved completely in any particular theist tradition of NAMASMARAN.

But even as I, due to my repulsion for the pathetic life style (as depicted or interpreted by me) felt; material pleasures could not be amputated arbitrarily from one’s life; if one were to evolve healthily; I was not at ease even in the “best” of petty pleasures, which could at best give “B grade”, not “A grade” happiness implied in global justice.

Thus neither could I identify myself with the ascetics nor with the materialists. I kept on vacillating from one side to another like a pendulum.

But now it is more than clear, that NAMASMARAN is a panacea, it is an objective phenomenon and it can not be the monopoly of any one camp such as ascetic, indulgent, theist, atheist, scientific, religious and so on.
It is an objective phenomenon with cosmic benevolence for blossoming of one and all. It is as objective and as vital for human blossoming, as the oxygen is for human life.
It is beyond science, religion and philosophy. It is beyond human thought. It is a matter of practice and experience, not belief, feeling or imagination.

NAMASMARAN connects you to the center of life, time and cosmic consciousness, i.e. with your true self. NAMASMARAN (according to one’s tradition) is the privileged express highway to realize maximum potentials in every possible way, for one and all!

Many times I used to confuse between; ideology, philosophy, spiritualism, religion, asceticism, austerity, penance, rituals, mysticism, occultism and so on. Somehow they used to appear contraposed to epicurean or hedonist way of life. They used to appear rather too serious for a common person like me. Why these matters; even the curricular subjects such as science, mathematics, geography, history and languages also appeared arbitrary and cut off from the day to day life. In medical career this feeling was further enhanced by the medical subjects!

Now I realize that my feeling was because of missing the essence of these subjects!

The essence of all these subjects is inevitably and inseparably linked with life! In fact; the core of these subjects takes us to the core of life and vice versa!
The case in point is that of NAMASMARAN. I used feel that NAMASMARAN is to be thought about, studied and practiced by those who are resigned from the active life. Thus I thought; those who have renounced life, those who are ascetic, those who are retired and weak senior citizens and so on, should get involved in NAMASMARAN.

But it is becoming increasingly clear that NAMASMARAN is a process of conscious evolutionary transformation; that gradually blossoms an individual from within. It makes an individual more objective. It reduces the subjective considerations. It makes an individual more open. It makes an individual more considerate towards others. It makes an individual react in an understanding manner, by reducing the impulsiveness. It makes a person fitter in every sense! It is therefore a golden opportunity to be grabbed with hands right from childhood.

The discerning reader can easily appreciate that this is precisely how the NAMASMARAN can play a pivotal role in enriching everyday life; in enlightening every walk of life and especially in blossoming and immortalizing the romance; right from the young days throughout life!


The life begins with separation of petty self from true self.

The geniuses, seers and prophets have almost
complete awareness of true self.

The others are variably aware of petty self and true self.

The life manifests as a result of conflicting awareness of a true and petty self.

NAMASMARAN is a GOLDEN CHANCE for increasing awareness of the true self.

This awareness is usually associated with increase in braveness, buoyancy and benevolence in all the walks of life in different forms!

The other features of this awareness are perspective, policies, plans and actions for evolving awareness of true self universally .


If there is a thorn inside, then it hurts badly and the child cries. But if you try to remove it, then it resists and cries more. A sick child refuses to take injection because it is apprehensive about the pain it produces. The list of such instances can be very long in fact unending. The point is simple. If you do not know the cause and nature of your problem and the efficiency of its solutions, then you tend to despise and reject the solutions.

Today, most of the people are complaining of one thing or another. Some people are not complaining but the others are complaining about them! This is especially important because “normal” people are suffering! There is no clinical disease and yet they are suffering or at least they say so!

The suffering is largely because of immature or maturing perception, feelings and actions. The solution is to development and maturation of these. This requires consciousness that emerges triumphantly out of the biologically dominated perceptions, feelings and actions. This is actually the freedom of your soul or your conscience!

This requires NAMASMARAN in every place you go and in situation face. This is why you need NAMASMARAN.

But it is most important to realize that NAMASMARAN is a supreme option open to you and is a golden opportunity. You are privileged to know about and practice NAMASMARAN.

The answer to “when” NAMASMARAN is; from the moment you come to know about it and always! The answer to “why?” is, because it is an accurate and radical solution to the problems, for which you seek a solution!


Some said that poverty is due to exploitation. Some said that the misery is due to invaders. Some said the malady is due to imperialists. Some said the strife is due to religious fanaticism. Some said the stress is due to social oppression and injustice. Some said that the stress is due to deprivation of biological instincts.

These are not completely wrong, but not entirely accurate also. Such partial understanding usually breeds indiscrimin

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