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The visible characteristics; of the innate core of an individual during youth; are; creativity, utopia, vigor, compassion, impatience, vengeance and so on.

Gorky’s novel; “Mother” catered and satisfied these characteristics of youth. One felt that “Mother” could “awaken and revitalize” the people and bring about revolution.

“Mother” certainly makes a wonderful, necessary and useful reading during certain stage of development.

During youth some of us come across Geeta also. We read Geeta and feel euphoric and elated that we read Geeta! Hence we quote it from time to time and place to place and while aggrandizing ourselves “use quotes from Geeta which suit us; to thrust” our opinions.

But whether we are infatuated and glorify and/or worship Geeta; or whether we find it useless and/or counterproductive and hence neglect, ridicule or condemn Geeta; the fact is that we do not understand and do not appreciate Geeta and her relevance to us and the universe.

As we grow from within; while learning from life; we study Geeta. As we keep studying; we stop glorifying or condemning her blindly and in vain.

Gradually we realize that “Understanding and appreciation of Geeta” in true sense; invariably and inevitably leads to immortal enlightenment at personal level and holistic renaissance at universal level!

What is remarkable is that; Geeta does not enforce any ideology or impose any blue print of social development. She enables and empowers us to experience the universal unity; and evolve and practice holistic perspective, policies and programs for individual and universal blossoming!

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