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Yesterday; I read few incidences in the life of one of the greatest propounders of NAMASMARAN viz. Shri Brahmachaitanya Gondavlekar Maharaj from Gondavle of Satara district in Maharashtra (India). These were related to his compassion for cows.
He heart used to bleed for the cows being killed. He rescued cows on several occasions; even by paying double money to the butchers; from being taken to be sold and slaughtered.
Several spiritual leaders full of concern for universal welfare and in short; holistic renaissance; in the world; were and are against cow slaughter.
Many argue against cow slaughter with economic concerns and plead that slaughter of cows and other animals are biological and hence natural phenomenon of animals eating animals.
These are disguised forms of cruelty. Compassion has to rise against cruelty within and outside.
Even as it is a great merit t serve cows at personal and institutional levels; it is still inadequate.
An international law, convention and consensus have to be built up for prevention of cow slaughter to begin with; followed by the stepwise prevention of other animals. Cow slaughter has to be banned irrespective of whether the cow provides milk or not. The political and economic leaders can surely discover professional and job alternatives for slaughtering cows/animals and catering non vegetarian food.
This would be a true homage to the spiritual leaders like Shri Brahmachaitanya Gondavlekar Maharaj and others in the world!

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