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Brain attack- stroke
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Stroke-Brain attack- treatment and prevention
1.Acute stroke treatement
Stroke is a medical emergency which needs to be treated early and urgently to minimize the damage caused by such event. Very year large number of patients in city of Mumbai suffers from disabling stroke resulting in death and disability with huge cost to the families emotionally and financially.
In stroke “time is brain”, earlier the treatment, better the outcome. You should reach appropriate centre/hospital at the earliest.
2.Stroke prevention
• Life style- Eating a balanced diet is important.
• Medication- Your doctor will determine which medicines may be best for you.
• Angioplasty- The two carotid arteries are the main arteries carrying blood to the brain. They can become narrowed (more than 70%) in the neck by a buildup of cholesterol and other fatty material. You may be benefitted by angioplasty .

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