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Robotic surgery in India
Robotic surgery is the newest addtion to the surgical armamentarium. here the operating surgeon makes use of a mechanical robot with four movable arms to operate on patients. Robot holds a telescope inserted into the human body through a small hole and moves it around on instrucctions from the surgeon who manipulates the robot from a distance looking into a 3D view console with excellent vision and zooming facility. Four other robotic arms wield different types of instruments used for that particular surgery. Surgeon moves these arm by manipulating ceratin pulleys with his hands sitting comfortably.Robotic surgery provides the surgeon as well as the patient maximum comfort and ergonomics. Because of high level of precision, error rates are extremely negligible. Robotic surgery is being extensively used in surgery of the prostate, uterus, rectum, esophagus etc.. with excellent results and drastically reduced hospital stay for the patient. India has about 12- 15 robots at the moment and the numbers are likely to multiply rapidly in the coming months.

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