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The setting is that of a hospital. As you walk in you can see the patients sitting, waiting for their turn at the reception. One is an obese, the other has a cut lip, yet another has a deformed nose. A grim and grotesque scene for a casual passerby. As you move further, you can see a doctor giving consultation to a lady who is excessively overweight. "Just three sittings" he says," and you will be fine". Another patient goes in to consult the doctor. A young man has multiple scars on his face.They have a small discussion. The doctor assures him of wiping out these scars completely. He comes out of his office. Suddenly, a man comes forward and gives him a tight hug. There were tears of happiness in his eyes. His sister's face was burnt and scarred in half. This doctor had restored her face and had given her a fresh lease of life. Tomorrow his sister was getting married. He held in his hand an invitation for the doctor. Surprises are a part and parcel of this hospital. These are some of the humanistic scenes one is bound to encounter everyday. This is a hospital for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery.
In today's competitive and fast moving world, one's personality counts a lot in all kinds of situations. Every one has to keep up appearances on many occasions with a variety of important people in everyday life. The extraordinarily huge increase of the private and corporate sector has also brought in the trend of better dressing and a well-groomed look. People all over the world have become very conscious about their looks, their weight, their walk and their overall physical appearance. It is not easy for an obese person to look away from the staring eyes of the people. Nor is it easy for a person to hide a scar of an accident. It is life sentence for a girl who cannot marry because her face bears White marks. These small handicaps can tarnish one's career while on a high profile job. Now, there is a way out for every person who wants to live his/her life on his/her own terms. The relief comes in the form of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, which has restored millions of lives all over the world. Along with the womenfolk, these procedures are also very popular among men all around the world.
The term Plastic Surgery actually means to mold or to give form. It is an effective tool to rectify functional and structural deformities of the human body.
Reconstructive surgical procedures are carried out with the goal of restoring form and in many cases function of body parts that are deformed due to injury, disease, or congenital defects. The primary consideration here is the fact that the procedure is carried out on abnormal parts or tissues in an attempt to restore it to a more normal appearance and to improve function. For example, removal of skin cancers, repair of cleft lips and palates, improving upon private parts etc.
On the other hand, Cosmetic procedures are operations done purely to enhance the appearance of body parts, which fall within the normal range of appearance and function. Cosmetic surgery deals with the beautification of different parts of the body. For instance, a person can have a bad looking nose, a beautiful young girl is unhappy by the size of her breast, some extra deposits of fat have taken away the attractive figure of a young mother, lines of ageing clearly seen on once face and lot more. These can be easily corrected through a small cosmetic surgery operation.

Cosmetic Surgery incorporates various procedures, which give a better look to our overall appearance. Some such procedures are Face Lift, Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery), Rhinoplasty (Nose job), Breast reconstruction, augmentation and reduction, Liposuction, Lipoinjection etc.
A Facelift is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the visible signs of aging such as creases in the face, slackness in the jaw line and accumulation of fat around the neck. This procedure gives the patient a visibly younger looking face by removing the signs of aging. Most patients who consider facelifts are in there 40s and 60s but it can be successfully performed on people in there 70s as well. Similarly, there is a procedure called Blepharoplasty that is simply known as an Eyelid surgery. It is a procedure to remove fat, and sometimes excess skin and muscle, from the upper and lower eyelids. It is simply used to remedy the sagging skin and weakened muscles that occur around the eyes over the time and can make a prospective person look older and tired. After just a few weeks of this procedure the patient gets a very youthful and alert look.
One of the most popular Cosmetic surgeries all over the world is Breast Augmentation and Reduction. These are basically two procedures, which have brought welcome relief to women all over the world who want to give a shapelier look to the upper part of their bodies. Breast augmentation and reduction are procedures, which are performed to balance a difference in breast size and improve the body contour. In the same way, the Chemical Peel technique is also helping a large number of women around the world. It is a non-invasive technique that is designed to restore wrinkled, blemished, unevenly pigmented or sun -damaged facial skin. Using a chemical solution, the skin's top layers are peeled away, allowing for new cells to grow that produce a smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin surface. This procedure is also very popular among men.
A very important and successful cosmetic procedure is Liposuction. This is a cosmetic surgery operation to correct figure and shape the body permanently. All over the world people are becoming very conscious about their extra fat and weight. Today, they have realised the negative aspects of overweight and are making efforts to bring down their extra body weight. But inspite of all this there are some regions of the body, which remain fatty and don't come to an acceptable shape. Liposuction is a procedure to remove unwanted fat deposits from specific areas of the body such as the face, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and elsewhere. Fat is sucked out along with fat cells; hence, give permanent results of correcting figure.
Another significant procedure which is the very opposite of Liposuction is called Lipoinjection. This is the procedure through which fat is put into various parts of the body to give it a more rounded and firm look like cheeks, breasts, neck etc. This procedure is especially popular among persons who are very thin and want a shapelier look to them.
Another popular technique is the procedure of Hair transplant. This procedure is currently in vogue among all kinds of persons, especially middle-aged men, in a number of countries. The surgery of the nose or Rhinoplasty is another technique by which the shape of the nose is greatly improved to near perfection. Commenting on this procedure Dr. Singh says, "A Cosmetic surgeon ought to have a good aesthetic sense for a nose job. The patients can present their needs but it remains upon the surgeon to decide which shape would suit a certain face properly. The surgeon should be absolutely honest about this procedure to the patient." In the similar way, Otoplasty or ear surgery restores the size of the ears to normal and also brings prominent ears closer to the head.
Stigma of white patch needs special mention. According to doctors a stationary white patch is not a disease, it is only a cosmetic defect in skin due to non functioning of colour producing cells. But, a person having such white spots has to face rough and discriminating attitude of the society. He/she has to suffer always in spite of their all merits. Cosmetic surgery can alleviate this social problem by transplanting colour cells on the stationary white areas so that normal skin tone is regained. Not only a person, society as a whole is benefited.
There is a general misconception among people all over the world that Cosmetic surgery is a very expensive affair. They are also misguided in their notions that it can be afforded by only the rich and affluent people. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Today, doctors all over the world have realised the increased importance of a good appearance for everybody and it's important role in the daily routine. Due to extensive studies and experiments, they have developed numerous techniques, which have increased the arena of Plastic surgery and Cosmetic Surgerys techniques in a tremendous manner. There has also been a rise of the middle and upper middle class people who have become more conscious about their physical appearance for more success in life. Now, the cosmetic and plastic surgery techniques are available to all classes of people at marginal and cost effective prices all over the world and people have already started making use of it's benefits.
Along with the lower prices, these procedures have also become very safe and reliable in the past decade due to which more and more people are opting for the help of these techniques to their benefit. From India, a Cosmetic and Plastic surgeon who has gained an immense popularity among cosmetic surgeons of the world is Dr. B.P.Singh. It is a general perception among people everywhere that the countries of the West are the sole authorities and experts on the subject of Cosmetic surgery. It is also believed that surgeons in the West have done all the new innovations in this field. But this perception has been proved wrong by Dr. B.P.Singh who is running the International Center for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery at 261,Mota Singh Nagar in Jalandhar, Punjab. He is the only Indian surgeon and the only one from South East Asia to have been invited to World Congress on Cosmetic Surgery at Sydney, Australia, in the year 2001, which was attended by surgeons from 70 countries. His patients consist of NRIs from UK,US, Canada, European and the Gulf countries. His improved techniques of Liposuction and Lipoinjection have brought a revolution among cosmetic surgery. Infact, he has won two prestigious International awards viz., 'World Leader of Cosmetic Surgery' and 'Best Scientific Presentation Award' for his outstanding contribution in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. Today, his techniques are being used by Plastic surgeons all over the world. The new Lipoinjection technique as perfected by him has been named after him as 'Singh's Lipo Injection Technique'.
In the earlier procedure of Liposuction, only 3 liters of body fat could be removed in one sitting. Moreover the time gap kept in between each sitting was of three months. This led to an anguished wait for the patients. Due to his extensive studies and research, Dr. B.P.Singh was able to lessen the time gap in between each sitting and also devised a technique by which 6 liters of fat could be taken out in one sitting itself. In case of Lipoinjection, the old procedure could inject only 2 to 5 c.c of fat at one time. Due to the small amount injected, the benefits of this process could not bring any visible change. Today, with 'Singh's Lipo Injection Technique' about 50 c.c or even more fat can be injected in one sitting itself. This procedure brings noticeable difference and is very durable.
It took a period of seven years for Dr. Singh to develop these techniques before he presented two original papers on Liposuction and Lipoinjection in the Congress of the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in San Francisco, California, USA in the year 1999. His techniques of Liposuction and Lipoinjection were accepted and applauded in the World Congress on Cosmetic Surgery at Sydney, Australia, in the year 2001. Infact, he is the only surgeon from South East Asia whose improved techniques have been accepted worldwide.
From being a taboo subject for the past half a century, Plastic and Cosmetic surgical techniques have received a well-deserved facelift in the last two decades. People around the world are slowly understanding the immense changes that these techniques could bring in one's life. Now the people who have any physical deformity need not spend their entire lives keeping a low profile behind closed doors. With the help of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery everybody can gain the much needed confident and smart look to live one's life to the brim. ****

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