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The understanding of NAMASMARAN also goes on renovating and rebuilding itself with newer dimensions and becoming multicolor, sweeter, melodious and rhythmic! The ecstasy of NAMASMARAN becomes overwhelming and inspires one to share it with others! Understanding, experience, feeling go on deepening and get percolated in every system in the body. NAMASMARAN gradually becomes a core of our total personality and controlling center of our behavior.

In fact; “We” become secondary and NAMA and its understanding occupy the supreme position within us!

It is true that even if we started NAMASMARAN with some expectations or some wants, gradually they become vestigial.

In fact through NAMASMARAN we not only go beyond the selfish motives, and expectations, but experience eternal and vital relationship between our GURU and us. In other words, this is a relationship between our objective or cosmic self and our subjective self.

At one point in time, NAMASMARAN appeared to me to be a process of liberation that would directly lead to purification of minds and blossoming of instincts, emotions, intelligence and perspective; and lead to predictable social progress.

Now also I feel that NAMASMARAN would lead to social changes, but probably not as predictably and as simplistically as one would or could imagine.

Guru guides and motivates millions of people towards NAMASMARAN and blossoming of their instincts, emotions, intelligence and perspective! This repeats itself from time to time in different parts of the world.

GURU (cosmic consciousness) may vary in external appearance and language and/or semantics. The disciples also may vary in terms of where they come from and which background they belong to. This relationship of a particular GURU and a particular disciple is determined probably by the associations in past lives.

The cosmic consciousness is eternal and the Darwinian evolution and enlightenment of an individual consciousness are contingents in this.

NAMASMARAN is an objective door to the cosmic consciousness that transcends the dimension of time. This door is created by the cosmic consciousness Himself; via the practice of NAMASMARAN by great sages and seers; from time immemorial. This is referred to as making a NAAM; SIDDHA.
Hence it is said that NAAM given by a GURU has immense significance and importance. The NAMA given by GURU is a “valid passport” to enter the cosmic consciousness and aids emancipation of the whole universe.

It is erroneous to assume that “my activity” of NAMASMARAN would yield results.

Actually the GURU gets NAMASMARAN done through me. Everything including global revolutions or universal cataclysms; are contingents including obviously; “my activity” of NAMASMARAN!

NAMASMARAN is a golden opportunity to get merged with the cosmic consciousness endowed by the cosmic consciousness GURU. Therefore it is said that we should practice NAMASMARAN for the sake of itself; only. The idea of “my activity” of NAMASMARAN is totally false; and hence the subsequent expectations of the results are also totally baseless, irrational and incorrect.

But once we understand that all the revolutions once envisaged; are written on the wall, then we get freed from the burden of being obsessed by them and “doing” NAMASMARAN for engendering them; and be free!

This is a very difficult, but a sure stage in life.

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