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One of the major causes of universal STRESS; is the perennially disturbing conflict between the inevitable and insatiable sexual urge; and the unavoidable pressure of almost impossible task of inhibiting it!

How to overcome this stress; and culminate this conflict into globally benevolent sublime experience of cerebral orgasm?

The Greek word orgao means excitement or swelling with moisture. The Sanskrit word urja means nourishment sap or vigor. Another Sanskrit word suggestive of potency is OJA.

In sexual orgasm; cerebral cortical, autonomic nervous, visceral, endocrine and the whole body is involved. We can find he details of the physiological and psychological changes during sexual orgasm; in the books of sexology. But what we also find in these books is; even as most of the systems are involved in the phenomenon of orgasm; the focus is on genital and perigenital sensations! Thus apart from the various parts of body such as breasts, areola, nipple etc, are involved in foreplay; the orgasm is restricted to genital and perigenital areas.

It is only with the advent of the development of brain structures such as cerebral cortex and limbic system; that the orgasm per se; has acquired more emotional and poetic dimension. Further; the development of intelligence has given us the ability to understand the importance of sexual intercourse and its importance in heart to heart selfless bond, parental care, continuation of the specie and the fulfillment associated with it.

Our focus of contentment has shifted even in personal and social behavior; in terms of involving emotional fulfillment; through various relationships such as those involved in father-son, mother-son, husband-wife, employee-employer, and teacher-student; rather than mere sexual intercourse!

This has freed us at least to some extent; from ephemeral pleasures; but only intellectually and emotionally; not instinctually and physically! In other words, we are freed psychologically, but not physiologically! This is why there is conflict between sexual abstinence and indulgence!

But we should realize that even as we are not freed from our physical needs and instincts; it should be clear that pleasures arising from sexual orgasm and other instinctual gratifications are important and can lead to cerebral stimulation or excitement; although incompletely and inadequately! This is why; we are partly individualistic and partly generous!

We are left with only one option in such a situation when our consciusness is tardily, incompletely and hence painfully shifting; from genitals to cerebral cortex and limbic system! This option is that of expediting the evolution that is generating perennial conflicts! Is this possible? Yes!
We have simply to open the gates of our soul; through NAMASMARAN; so that all kinds of experiences in life hitherto blocked below subcortical levels; are “sucked”; into cerebral cortex! All the relationships and interactions of life; are thereby quickly evolved and culminated into, sublime and eternal experience of CEREBRAL ORGASM; that is the dawn of individual and global blossoming!

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