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Conceptual stress is not a separate entity. It is a part of over all process of stress. We can also call it intellectual confusion, doubts, chaos, conflicts, suspicions etc; born; out of physical, metabolic, endocrine, autonomic, and nervous i.e. instinctual, emotional and intellectual interactions; with internal and external environment.

It is true that we should manage to bypass or ignore some questions, and rightly so; e.g. mathematical problems need not; as a routine, bother a biologist. Similarly, the problems of school children are best dealt with in the text-books and guides and the experts in those fields; and need not worry a musician.

But there are issues which are a) inevitable b) inseparable c) unavoidable, d) faced by most of us; and affect our personal, family and social life; as well as the life of the society as a whole; immensely. These issues produce Conceptual or Intellectual Stress!

In modern life; the pace of life has become very fast. The nature of the influences of the scientific and technological advances is much more complex and there are rapidly emerging new issues and we are unable to understand and deal with them. Morality, ethics, customs, traditions and conventions, which guided us in past; are being proved inadequate and/or irrelevant!

Conceptual stress results from day to day questions; such as celibacy or free sex, divorce no divorce, legalization of homosexuality or no, caste based reservations or no, charity or SWADHARMA, vegetarianism or non vegetarianism, theism or atheism, rationality or shraddha, productive element in education or no; and so on!

Health related issues are even more troublesome. Thus complexity, mysteriousness and dread of; AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, muscular dystrophy; cause stress.

To give a simple example, excessive and unfounded fear of cancer; is a case of conceptual stress. Cancer phobia many times results from inappropriate views, feelings and actions (conceptual deficiency) about cancer, its nature, its symptoms such as pain and its outcome.

A patient of cancer phobia may suspect that he/she has cancer, whenever he/she gets pain. If he/she gets repeated pain, in a particular organ then he/she starts suspecting cancer of that particular part! This leads to morbid fear, anxiety, worry, and sense of helplessness; due to imagination of pain, agonies and physical, mental, economic and social dependence helplessness.

Conceptual stress involves:
1. Defective or inaccurate perceptions, imagination, ideas, thoughts, guesswork;
2. Lopsided, disproportionate imbalanced emotions;
3. Unreasonable instincts and unnatural physical needs,

These are associated with disturbed rates, interrelationships and proportions in electrophysiological interactions in brain, secretion of neurotransmitters, hormones; and metabolic activities. These cause deleterious effects on personal and social health.

“Conscious” conceptual stress is minimal or absent if we are totally ignorant and adjusted to a self centered, petty, indifferent, reflexive, passive, callous and stereotyped life style like a lower animal. But still; there can be “subconscious” stress; and it can play havoc!

Conceptual stress is not merely determined by the technological advances and their complex effects; but also by our nature, constitution and overall resilience, tenacity, fighting spirit, patience, killer instinct and objectivity. Confusing information about the risk of computers and mobile phones, radiations of mobile towers, swine flu, bird flu, chicken Gunia, cyber crimes; creates stress.

Maximum conceptual stress is developed; when begin to grow. As our perspective assumes global dimension our thinking reaches out to probe into; and explore the mysteries of various natural phenomena, our feelings reach out to the miseries of the millions including animals; the conceptual stress multiplies! This stress amongst Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Lokamanya Tilak and others; gave new light to world.

Our conceptual stress also; increases as we search for solutions to the conflicting situations and observations and inexplicable issues and come close to the solutions; but encounter difficulty in expressing them! This becomes more disturbing when our solutions are proved ineffective, though not inaccurate! Since we seem to fail we get quite stressed in persisting with our views and mission; but cannot abandon them too! We are in agony! Why are we ineffective if we are accurate?

At this point the very foundation of our existence begins to shake and our existence almost gets uprooted! But through this devastating dark night; dawns; the capacity to assert ourselves and conquer the stressors on the one hand; and there is visible benevolent impact of Total Stress Management on the other!

The key factors involved throughout; is NAMASMARAN, which is very simple. There is no need of any technique, money, methodology, technology, cooperation; or anything for that matter. It is beyond all kinds of “barriers and walls” of beliefs and non beliefs. It is a super-solution provided by the immortal galaxy of saints, seers and sages; from round the globe, but most importantly by Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavlekar.

Lastly; every one of us is bound to go through the conceptual stress knowingly or unknowingly and hence; there is no escape. We can conquer it through NAMASMARAN (remembering our true self); and get the empowerment and enlightenment; and vision, clarity and clues; to individual and global blossoming; or else; suffer and inflict others with our suffering.

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