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Generally we vacillate between indiscriminate suppression of desires; and indiscriminate fulfillment of all desires!

7 billion people and innumerable animals and plants; have different instinctual, emotional, intellectual, psychomotor and creative needs. The irresponsible and indiscriminate suppression or gratification of these; has lead to universal stress at all levels in the form of poverty, hunger, deforestation, famines, global heating; on the one hand and corruption, indulgence, addictions, terrorism, persecution, riots and wars; on the other.

We should not be obsessed by the idea of either destroying the shad-ripus (six enemies); termed viz. KAMA, KRODHA, MOHA, MAD MATSAR and LOBHA; or indiscriminate indulgence in these.

There ought not to be a regimentalization. The needs have to be differentiated from the desires, whims or fancies. The biological needs; of the fetus, newborn, infants, toddlers, children, youths, pregnant mothers, and the elderly, are variable; and must be optimally fulfilled. It is implied that there have to be accurate international, national, regional and local policies and laws for this; and not mere outcry for philanthropy.

It is convincing that the ultimate destination of spiritual quest is immortality or self realization; and at certain stage of development an individual is beyond physiological existence.

But we seem to have forgotten that DHARMA is a holistic system enabling every person to tread this path of invincible supra- physiological and immortality; and not indiscriminate suppression or indulgence in SHAD-RIPUS. Hence; whether we have conquered or whether we indulge in SHADRIPUS; there ought to be unanimity on; the holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs and their implementation (SWADHARMA), which aim to optimally fulfill all these physiological needs of all.

This can enable us to practice NAMASMARN with greater intensity, involvement and selflessness. There is no “short cut” (bypassing the holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs i.e. SWADHARMA); to total stress management that ensures optimal fulfillment of individual needs and satisfactory conquest of SHADRIPUS.

Presently; our materialism and spiritualism perpetuate pursuits of subsidy, profits, glamour, glitter, popularity, fame, success, promotion; on the one hand; and trance, bliss, ecstasy, moksha, mukti, nirvana; respectively; on the other! Thus we continue to feel incomplete and frustrated or arrogant and delirious; in personal and social life; and keep perpetuating vicious cycle of; stressors-their mismanagement-further multiplication of stress; at individual, local, regional, national and international levels.

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