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There is a perennial question; “Why should I practice NAMASMARAN?” that keeps on surfacing from time to time; in our mind.
This is because it appears to be passive and irrelevant to our pains and pleasures. It does not seem to reduce pains or enhance pleasures. Moreover; it does not seem to do justice at social level as well. In fact; it appears to take us away from the reasonable “solutions” to; personal pains and pleasures and social injustice.
This is because; it is natural and physiological to keep reacting to pains and pleasures instinctively, emotionally and intellectually; without realizing that it is a repetitive and endless drudgery; unless coupled with transformation of our physical and physiological existence; called DEHABUDDHI.
This transformation is also natural but usually considered super natural or divine. It does not happen in the beginning. All the personal flaws and deficiencies; due to our physical, physiological, psychological and intellectual limitations; called DEHABUDDHI make us vulnerable to be hurt; or callous and inaccessible to our true innate core!
But gradually after variable number of years; such transformation begins through merging of DEHABUDDHI with NAMA through NAMASMARAN; and is associated with a concrete and pleasant experience of our own core, which is inseparable from the core of universe.

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