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Often we tend to think that victory over DEHABUDDHI corresponds with the degree of tolerance to physical pain and suffering; and/or deprivation from instincts; such as hunger, thirst etc.

But apart from the yogis; there are many individuals and even animals, which have tremendous threshold for pain or suffering; and can overcome instinctual needs.

If this is so, then what does determine the victory over DEHABUDDHI as implied in texts describing mystical experiences? What does determine the state of victory over DEHABUDDHI i.e. the globally benevolent state of self realization?

It is difficult to answer this question.

But most probably, it is the spontaneous surge of remembrance of the name of God, state of NAMASMARAN, even before the moment to moment changes in inner and outer circumstances cast their good or bad influence! Exalted are those, who eternally live in such ecstatic state and emancipate the universe.

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