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The pursuit of universalization of NAMASMARAN is actually aiming at realization or manifestation of already existing but unperceived unity and harmony in the world. It is a pursuit towards inviting and including; everybody; in the joyous and melodious universal orchestra of individual and universal blossoming. It is a pursuit of manifesting; the mammoth potential of superliving (holistic renaissance i.e. holistic perspective, holistic policy making, holistic planning, holistic programs and their universal implementation) embodied in NAMASMARAN!
This target may appear to some; as utopian; as it may or may not ensure immediate results; in terms of; all the seven thousand millions of human beings in the world understanding, accepting, internalizing this potential of NAMASMARAN; and practicing it!
But this pursuit even if unfulfilled; in itself; is rejuvenating and empowering. It unites us with the life in the universe! It connects us with the process of universal blossoming. We are no more isolated fragile individuals.
It reinforces and consolidates our own conviction (and in the course of time our own experience); in the practice of NAMASMARAN (jikra, jap, jaap, sumiran, simaran; i.e. remembering true self).
Thus; both; this pursuit (whether accomplished or not); and the practice of NAMASMARAN, are empowering and rejuvenating even in personal life! They ensure; the moment to moment; victorious Total Stress Management! This is a way; as well as the destination; open to all; irrespective of their race, religion, region and theist or atheist ideologies.

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