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Feasts and parties; involve giving or receiving food, with or without various paraphernalia. They quench hunger and thirst and satisfy taste buds, besides giving pleasure of socialization and entertainment. Usually; these are associated with superiority complex, inferiority complex; one-up-man-ship, exhibition of wealth, fashion, glamour and glitter. Often there is an element of intoxication, euphoria, dysphoria, inebriation and delirium; followed by emptiness and depression!

What is PRASAD?
Cosmic consciousness manifests as an individual in some part of the world! The life of such a person is seen catalyzes the process of self realization in millions of others; throughout his life and even after leaving his/her body; through centuries. This place, where he spends his life becomes a place of pilgrimage. The pilgrims get empowered in the process of self realization and self expression; by going to these places.

We find in India; thousands of places of pilgrimage; where a saint, a yogi, a rishi, or a mahatma; has spent life. These places of pilgrimage; have one feature in common; viz. the distribution PRASAD at subsidized price or free of cost.

The food; that is cooked to offer the particular saint or yogi (cosmic consciousness) is PRASAD. Such food is in a way; “charged” with the benevolence of the saint to catalyze the process of individual and universal blossoming!
This is why; thousands of us; consider themselves fortunate and privileged; in participation of making such prasad available; to pilgrims and in eating it themselves! Thus thousands of people participate in various activities; involved in the distribution of PRASAD such as funding, cleaning, cooking, serving and also cleaning the vessels!

One such place is Gondavale; in Maan taluka of Satara district; in Maharashtra state; in India. Thousands of visitors whether tourists or devotees; are served PRASAD; in the form of freshly prepared cow butter with sugar, breakfast, lunch and dinner; every day; without charging any money what so ever for the last; one and a half century.

Can we globalize the culture of self realization through NAMASMARAN and distribution of PRASAD? The world needs it. But more than that; we need it for ourselves. We need it for our own satisfaction of creating a healthy environment around ourselves; and our generations to come.

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