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KUNDALINI is the expression to indicate the innate “energy” or potential energy; that manifests through changes at molecular, DNA, cellular, metabolic, hormonal, neuroendocrine and neural levels; and is inseparable from the nascent cosmic energy; the root of time, space, matter; and everything in universe; called PRAKRUTI or SHAKTI, termed VISHVA KUNDALINI in biography of Shripad Shrivallabh; the incarnation of Dattatreya.

Just as KUNDALINI JAGRUTI is self realization in an individual; and the VISHVA KUNDALINI JAGRUTI is self realization in individuals; on universal scale as the manifestation of the cosmic will; from time to time.

VISHVA KUNDALINI JAGRUTI has benevolent and emancipating effect on the whole universe. VISHVA KUNDALINI JAGRUTI concurs with billions of people being blessed to get oriented to their core and realize SELF; through different practices; while simultaneously empowering the others in such individual and universal blossoming!

It is interesting that every individual desire is an altered perception and expression of truth! Thus; we are born with all instincts and emotions to be “ourselves”!

But the instincts usually appear and motivate towards physical romance and our emotional needs appear as duties, preoccupations and missions! Hence; we go on getting involved in them; but never to get ultimate satisfaction!

Thus simple instincts of survival, hunger, thirst, sexual intercourse and so on; appear in altered forms such as restlessness and depression! As there is an element of truth; these do serve some useful purpose; in artistic and literary expressions.

But they never lead to fulfillment.

Hence all the saints and visionaries; have indicated to us; that the ultimate purpose of life; is self realization or KUNDALINI JAGRUTI i.e. being our true self. In contrast to the bloody struggle involved in competition for fulfilling the other desires; the efforts of KUNDALINI JAGRUTI are always mutually beneficial and symbiotic!

Today; is the time of expression of the “cosmic will” into; VISHVA KUNDALINI JAGRUTI; i.e. holistic renaissance, superliving or Total Stress Management and NAMASMARAN is the simplest and universally acceptable means and end; for this. It is the accurate and appropriate answer to all the restlessness arising from altered perceptions of our “true desire that actually concurs with cosmic desire”!

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