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Spiritualism is process of reorienting and returning to our true self. It is resuming our original state. It is a continuous and eternal process.
We are some specific ‘engines’, with some specific energies, specific powers, specific capacity and differing versatilities. This probably holds true for all living, nonliving and other possible entities inside and outside.
However; during our primitive states of evolution and during embryonic life, childhood and even latter; we are not aware of this.
At some time; appropriate for us; we become aware of ourselves as “we”! Then we get charged with our instincts, emotions, thinking, perspective and some pursuit or another. We begin to be flooded with and enthralled by urges! The urges when in the unconscious realm simply keep manifesting resulting in temporary pleasures or pains. When in conscious realm; they prompt us that we have to do it, we cannot do without it, we are doing it, we will do it; or we cannot do it; and the associated pains and pleasures; and agonies and ecstasies! Thus our life gets unfolded in the form of all varieties; of living, nonliving and other possible entities inside and outside.
This cosmic and eternal spiritualism; is the supreme orchestra of our Guru, who is beyond time and consciousness. RAMA (Guru) and KARTA (the ultimate supreme master)!
Interestingly; again at some time; appropriate for us; we begin to “see” our Guru’s role in our life and every entity in universe; and we notice the increasing emergence of NAMASMARAN in our life! The urges of all our aspirations begin to culminate in the surrender to our Guru. This marks the beginning of the realization of the bounty of our Guru and our reorientation and return to our true self. The restlessness, emptiness, and all urges; in our lives begin to get replaced by eternal objective bliss; i.e. SACCHIDANANDA and we begin to be fulfilled and grateful to our Guru. We begin to get an assurance from our Guru; that He is always; literally always; with us; nurturing and blossoming; us and the whole universe (living, nonliving and other possible entities inside and outside)!
Guru would decide the fate of this writing also; whether it goes unnoticed, ignored, despised, liked, disliked, rejected or considered earnestly; as may be appropriate!

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