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Stress & Strains Bring it down
Stress, fear, guilt, anxiety, anger & jealousy are negative emotions that seem to have a definite impact on our health. The mind & body interact to a larger extent than normally imagined. Prolonged stress can precipitate high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressures, constipation, chronic fatigue, immune disorders & host of other disease conditions. Behaviour is an expression of personality & is the activity of which a human being is capable Unmet needs create frustration that leads to increased anxiety. The anxiety is then released as behaviour.

Stress is the mental & physical condition that results from a perceived threat or demand that can not be dealt with readily. Stress is often associated with strain. Stress is your response to a force that upsets your equilibrium. Strain is the adverse effects of stress on an individualís mind, body & actions.

The optimal amount & type of stress is called Eustress. A positive force in our lives that is the equivalent of finding excitement & challenge.

The wrong amount & type of stress is referred to as distress. It often results in negative outcomes for the individual & the Organisation.

Individual Sources of Stress

Type A personality (behaviour)
Belief in external locus of control
Frustrated ambitions
Heavy family & personal demands
Dislike for rules & regulations
Limited tolerance for ambiguity
Negative life style factors

Individual methods of stress management

Identify your own stress signals
Eliminate or modify stressors
Improve your work habits
Get physical exercise
Every day methods of relaxation

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