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How to make a choice; regarding various objects, foods, places, and relations; in life?
Usually we make a choice by what attracts or tempts us. But this can be deceptive. But the best way to make a choice is on the basis of how much it inspires us for NAMASMARAN.

Why is this so?

This is because; associations are; destructive or constructive; negative or positive; regressive or progressive. Any house, school, college, club, office, hospital, industry, laboratory, farm, garden, vehicles, cloth, perfume, furniture, person; conducive or helpful to NAMASMARAN is the best! This is because; NAMASMARAN is the most selfless and universally benevolent activity.

Why is it said that NAMA is the ultimate reality and rest all is vanity (including what the preacher, counselor, speaker or author advises)?

Subjectivity and individuality and hence; the writing, talk, preaching and other articulations (ideology, commandment, concepts such as spiritual renaissance, holistic renaissance, holistic health, total well being, total stress management, superliving); are also incomplete; when compared to the immortal, eternal, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent absolute. They are useful; but only to the extent of serving to reach the ultimate and the absolute reality! Hence their insistence leads to some kind of throttling of freedom (through regimentalization); of the infinite and freely changing forms in the universe!

NAMASMARAN; irrespective of the form; such as; this name or that name; in group or in isolation; loudly or silently; by counting or without counting; is of paramount importance; because it orients us to the true self; to the reality beyond all subjectivity and individuality; to the “formless and abstract root” of the forms and concepts; and thus; sets us free (and helps us to directly and indirectly help others to get freed as well)!

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