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Healthy nutrition Tips for Navratras
Healthy nutrition Tips for Navratras

Navratras are coming our way and we all plan to go for fasting or feasting this navratras..Surprised by the word feasting…yes that’s true what we all tend to do. We all indulge ourselves into eating fried foods like kuttu ka pakora, puris and fried potato chips, namkeens(vrat ki namkeens), fried potatoes…and so on. So instead of losing weight we end up in gaining weight. but here I m going to provide you a few healthy tips for this navratras to keep you fit and unbloated….

1. Substitute kuttu ki puri or pakodas (fried items) with kuttu ki roti..
2. You can also prepare idlis from the kuttu atta (buckwheat flour) and dosa from the samak rice.

3. Eat a lot of fruits that flush the liver of cholesterol accumulation. Apple, orange, papaya, guava, pomegranate, lemon juice and pear especially help to bring down cholesterol. Fruit chat made with papaya, pear (nashpati), apple, and some amount of potato.

4. Go for skimmed or low fat milk and curd. Add cucumber (kheera), bottle gourd (lauki) or tomato to it. . Fried foods produce a lot of burning sensation in the body. So fruits and curd act as cooling agents.

5. Go for the preparations of lauki, pumpkin, fruits such as apple, pear, cucumber, mashed potato, phul makhane (puffed lotus seed) are advisable.

6. Try saamak rice with bottle gourd vegetable and curd.

7. You can also take sabudana khichdi with curd with fruit.

8. Try to take milk shakes with fruits and nuts it will give you satiety along with good invisible fats and complex carbohydrates.

9. Drink a lot of fluids such as juices, vegetable soups, lassi, and herbal tea. They will detox your body from pollutants..

10. If one suffers from acidity and heartburn problems, be sure to not remain empty stomach for long hours. Eat tiny portions every few hours daily. Cold milk, cream, curd and bananas are effective remedies for acidity.

11. Make sure to go for healthy cooking methods such as roasting, boiling, steaming and grilling like substitute fried potato chat with adequately boiled potato chat and kheer with fruit, preferably mixed fruit curd.

12. Try to make chilla with kuttu ka atta or singhare ka atta or samak ka atta or ramdane ka atta with green chillies and ghia (grated). serve it with tamarind and dhania chutney or curd.

13. Consume more of dairy products (low fat).

14. Try yogurts with fruits and fruit purees salads.

15. Drink coconut water.

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