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Alternative Therapy and Treatment for Depression and Stress
Have you experienced a phase in life where you are taken over by depression in every aspect of life, not as some fatality in depression, but as an indifferent person in stress who has no passion left for any of the niceties of life?

What is Depression?
There are times when you know you have to move ahead but do not know in which direction. Discontent leads to depression. No matter how much you try to dispute happiness with yourself, that sadness takes over your judgments and makes them incapable. You suddenly want to be with friends to overcome depression and once your friends surround you, you feel they shouldn't have been with you. At once you feel depressed and the hopelessness leaves you emotionally misplaced, eventually leading you to sadness and chaotic kind of crying. You really are unable to answer with particulars when your loved one asks you what is wrong and why you are plunging yourself into misery.

Why Does Depression Arise?
What could be the primary reason behind stress? Why should depression overpower only you of all the people? This is owing to the Sahashara Chakra not suitably active in your life. Your immediate concern should be to seek a holistic healing from within to balance the Chakras in your life. Depression is a subconscious excuse for not taking responsibility for our own life. Stressful events like losing opportunities and being hurt in a relationship leads to discontent. Because of depression we tend to lose interest in day to day life and lose confidence. In other terms, in depression, we block our own chakras due to the traumatic incident which we cannot face.

Crown Chakra Influencing Depression
How are the chakras actually blocked? Crown Chakra is the path way or association between the individual and God. When the Crown Chakra is blocked, an individual loses this association and the communication channel is lost. We drift away from the Source energy, fall into poor health and move towards depression.

Opening the Crown Chakra
How to work on our own self to open up the Crown Chakra? We have to realize that to open the Chakra, we have to learn and face the challenges, seal ourselves with thankfulness and look at what God has already blessed us with rather than focusing on what is not given to us. One needs to shed fear and fill oneself with gratitude and contentment. When you wear Rudraksha on your body, it helps in opening up your blocked Crown Chakra. A balanced Crown Chakra automatically transforms an individual into a magnetic personality. Beliefs are taken over by divine knowledge.

Crown Chakra and the Rudraksha
Rudraksha is the blessing from Lord Shiva himself to protect mankind from worldly miseries. People from every walk of life irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality or gender can avail the divine power of Rudraksha and request for divine sanctions from Gods. It is very important to have appropriate knowledge of Rudraksha, for the right effect to be shown. Rudra Ranta works on this knowledge to make powerful Rudraksha combinations. Itís known as the Rudraksha Science Therapy. You can always seek free counseling at Rudra Centre and take your first step towards freedom from discontent. Alternate and Natural healing therapy for Depression Treatment by using Rudraksha, Gemstones and Chakra Therapy from Rudraksha Ratna company.
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