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Student: Sir, what do you think is an essential activity for a central health minister?
Teacher: Like any other minister; a health minister would be much better off if he pursues self realization through a simple and easy way such as the practice and promotion of NAMASMARAN.
Student: How would it help?
Teacher: He would grow from within. He would become more objective. He would get freed from subjective elements.
He would become more His vision, thinking, feelings, attitudes, passions, motivation, policies, plans, programs and their implementation; would be evolved. He would become more benevolent to the society at large and consequently to the world.
Student: Can you give an example?
Teacher: Yes! He would initiate on priority basis; a process of developing the concept, practice, teaching and research of holistic health and holistic medicine, which would prepare the foundation of democratization of health care and empowerment of patients, doctors and all the health care workers.
He would take decisions to ensure optimal working hours and working conditions for all the health workers, including doctors and nurses.
He would initiate the process of cultivating medicinal herbs and encourage the inexpensive and noninvasive modalities of treatment and rehabilitation such as massage, yoga and panchakarma.
He would initiate a process of collaboration with environmental ministry and bring restriction on chemical pollution resulting from mismanaged industries; and chemical and noise pollution and vehicular road accidents resulting from lopsided cancerous production and marketing of small vehicles.
He would initiate a process of finding out the causes of growing garbage, sullage and sewage and solutions to control this growth and improve its disposal.
I am sure the experts with holistic perspective can provide much more detailed and far more constructive suggestions.
Student: You mean to say that the present arbitrary approach would not succeed?
Teacher: From the present piecemeal and sectarian approach we have to evolve a holistic approach. Even the collaboration with other ministries such as agriculture, food supply, energy, laws etc. are essential for evolving and consolidating such a holistic and efficient approach to health care and health promotion.
Student: I this perspective holds true for all the ministers.
Teacher: Yes. That is true.
Student: Will this happen?
Teacher: This is a need of hour...rather this is compulsion of time. This will happen.

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