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Student: Sir, people seem to avoid me. What should I do?
Teacher: Why do you think they avoid you?
Student: They don’t actually boycott; but they not contact me on their own, unless there is some important work. They don’t reply my mails. They don’t respond to my telephone calls. They don’t respond to my messages.
Teacher: Have you cheated or harmed any of them?
Student: No Sir. I have not cheated or done any harm to anyone. There has been no quarrel also! There are no issues of conflicts of interests also!
Teacher: Do you keep on talking about NAMASMARAN?
Student: Yes! I do that. But is it wrong?
Teacher: No! But it is enough reason for such informal, indirect or passive boycott, or avoidance. This is probably because of following reasons.
1. You may be appearing condescending, patronizing or authoritative; thereby offending their ego and producing inferiority or guilt complex amongst them!
2. You may be sounding arrogant and snobbish “showing off” or “exhibiting“; your “higher moral or spiritual standing”!
3. They may not be in a position to “share your vision” of the holistic renaissance and hence averse to your obsession!
4. There may be actually some element of ego and vanity in you that creates repulsion!
5. Or; your feeling may be a delusion! They may actually be; loving you intensely and interested in your activity immensely; but preoccupied and engrossed in their day to day matters and problems.
Student: What should I do?
Teacher: Persist in the practice of NAMASMARAN, listen to your inner voice, which is actually Guru’s voice and follow that. Be loyal and true to your Guru and none else! Ignore the responses of people, which keep changing beyond their will and wish.
In other words, continue your activity as a service to Guru; with no expectation of approvals or accolades; and no fear of disapprovals or dejections!

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