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If I am restless now, then what would give me peace?
It is universal experience that food, clothes, shelter, health care, sports, education, job, good salary, status symbols, marriage, children, power, fame, popularity, awards….are sought after with variable priorities. But they fail to give me fulfillment!

However in a mechanical manner I go on pursuing them!
If I pursue a particular mission; such as practice and promotion of NAMASMARAN, and if I am able articulate my views, then I may write!
But can accomplishment of accurate and appropriate drafting, its impeccable proof reading, corrections, editing, completion, printing and publication; give me fulfillment? Can the feedback of the readers and their participation in the mega process of NAMASMARAN and its promotion (even if it is in on a very large scale) give me fulfillment? Can an extensive expression of the practice of NAMASMARAN in the form of globally benevolent policies, plans, programs and their implementation; somewhat agreeable to me; give me fulfillment?

Firstly, I would not know how many people read, how many understand, how much they understand; and how they respond to it from within. Moreover I would not know; whether what they express in their policies, plans, programs and implementation; is guided by NAMA or otherwise!

In other words; whatever I see and perceive; is only my perception and not a reality!

The true fulfillment ensues only from being in what is real! The absolute reality is deep within; hidden in the core; and is the same as NAMA, which is the same as my Guru Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar, who urged to practice NAMASMARAN with topmost priority.

This realization of the need to reconnect with NAMA; keeps dawning inside; from time to time and is the victory (VIJAY) of my Guru (NAMA), over the rest!

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