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When we are introduced to NAMA in childhood; we understand nothing about NAMA. We think that it is merely a word indicating or pointing towards God or Guru. We think that it is merely a name; a proper noun!

Later; as we go ahead with the practice of NAMASMARAN, we tend to take pride in being involved in this meritorious activity; while discovering the scope and potentials of NAMASMARAN. We begin to appreciate; that
NAMASMARAN is not merely a means of material gains or other benefits; such as peace, solace, support and so on; but it is a way of individual and global blossoming; and is a panacea! Naturally; we begin to think that; if we globalize NAMASMARAN with the help of others, then it would rectify all the problems in the world; from time to time.

But in the course of time; we realize that the very beginning of our existence, our instincts, our emotions, our thoughts and everything we do including NAMASMARAN and the revelations associated with it; are all initiated, sustained, controlled and terminated; by the source of our existence and that of the universe. This immortal entity present simultaneously deep within ourselves; while encompassing the entire universe, multiverse or omniverse; is nothing else; but God, true self, Guru, Brahma etc and not different from NAMA!

Thus; through NAMASMARAN we reach the point of understanding; that the NAMA that we remembered initially; is actually the ultimate reality. It is God, Guru and Brahma and encompasses the microcosm and macrocosm.

In this sense; everything connoted by “I” and “mine”; and everything implied by universe, multiverse, omniverse, and cosmos; is the victory of NAMA!

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