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The feeling that I am fine at this moment, in this condition and am grateful to my Guru, God or nature; is possible, if I get even a drop of the nectar of immortality; at this moment!
This drop of nectar springs from the source of nectar deep within me! This drop is nothing else; but the loving memory of NAMA the source of the nectar, which literally revitalizes and rejuvenates me!
As a result of the appreciation that this is the culmination of all my aspirations; I realize that I have nowhere to go and nothing else to achieve! I have none to be afraid of and none to be adored other than NAMA! I no more get bogged down and/or dragged by anything other than NAMA! This is why; I am in peace. Interestingly; this is true; even if I am not in good shape in terms of physical, social or financial considerations.
This state of peace amidst unrest; is not “my” feat! It is not “my” victory (VIJAY)! It is the victorious grace; of the very source of the nectar; NAMA (Guru), who although; is deep within me; is inaccessible to me on my own!

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