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As and when I am excessively bombarded from within and from outside; by petty perspective, petty thinking, petty feelings, petty passions, petty pursuits; and petty activities, my capability of “sensing” the global surge of holistic evolution and holistic renaissance; from inside and outside; is numbed!

Naturally I am cynical and skeptical.

My Guru, who is not different from NAMA; wakes me up from my slumber; and shows me how billions of people all over the world; are in the process of merging with Him; through NAMASMARAN in different forms! He gives me the reassurance that I am not alone! Billions of people (even though unaware; and hence silent about the process) are with me! He reassures; that even though this process is not advertised, promoted or marketed; it is far more real and victorious than the highly publicized and heavily hyped affairs!

This is really heartening and rejuvenating! Thanks to NAMA for this beginning of awakening of mine and the holistic evolution as well as its awareness!

This is truly the victory (VIJAY) of NAMA!

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