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When we begin to write about NAMA and the scope and potential of NAMASMARAN; we gradually get involved in its accurate and appropriate drafting, its impeccable proof reading, corrections, editing, completion, printing and publication! Later, we get involved in the feedback of the readers and their participation in the mega process of NAMASMARAN and its promotion! Later still we get involved in the extent of expression of the practice of NAMASMARAN in the form of globally benevolent policies, plans, programs and their implementation (even though we donít have any clear cut and distinct blue print of these)! Hence in the process of getting involved; we get trapped and bogged down under the burden of our own utopia!
Why donít we enjoy freedom? Why donít we get rid of the burden of our own convictions? Why donít we stop expecting people to do something as per our projection?
This is because; unknowingly; we get detached from the power of NAMA and NAMASMARAN; and get dragged by our mind in the process of conceptualizing and writing about ďtheir scope and potentialsĒ!
This realization of the need to reconnect with NAMA; and being empowered for it; keeps happening from time to time and is the victory (VIJAY) of NAMA, over the drag of mind!

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