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The essence of NAMASMARAN as well as the result of NAMASMARAN is; increasing degree of selflessness.

But what exactly is implied by the word selflessness here? It is the increasing ability to remain integrated, with true self! It is the ability to remain undisturbed and unperturbed; even if we lose or do not gain; as per the expectations of our petty self! In a way this also means decreasing expectations from; and increased readiness to give others. This is because of NAMA has nothing to offer us for our personal petty gratification. NAMA has no flavor, no taste, no melody, no beauty and no color. In short NAMA has nothing to satisfy the senses. NAMASMARAN does not involve intellectual satisfaction. NAMA is not a poem; therefore it cannot give emotional support or solace. NAMASMARAN does not involve a appreciation or applaud from the audience. NAMASMARAN is not a business and hence cannot help in earning money. Isn't it natural then that anyone who commits to and practices NAMASMARAN that doesn't serve any personal / petty gain become increasingly selfless in the course of time? Of course; instead of the lust for petty gains; fountains of universal welfare spring from the heart of a person practicing NAMASMARAN.

Hypnotism experts, hypnotherapists or the individuals, who practice self-hypnosis, do so with a specific motive, which is not sprung from the victory over petty selfishness. Hypnotism or self-hypnosis is not aimed to; and cannot free; an individual from his/her tubular vision, restricted perspective and petty selfishness. In fact hypnotism is a technique. It may or may not encourage/pamper the pursuit of one's desires – whether rational or irrational.

Hypnotism however, is a technique, which if used judiciously as an interim measure for temporary relief or certain personal benefits, may serve as a useful tool. NAMASMARAN on the contrary; is a panacea that assures highest essence of health, happiness and welfare for an individual and the society.


It is not necessary to define poetry. It may not be possible also to give a definition acceptable to everyone. However, most of us are familiar with different types of poetry and the characteristics common to them. In general one can say that the poetry is an expression of the feelings such as love, care, devotion, attraction, aggression, ecstasy, agony, despair, frustration, suffocation, victory, contempt, bliss, humiliation, disgust, queerness, absurdity, wonder and laughter.

The poetry that gives expression to the feelings or aspirations of billions of people and for millennia of years becomes the literary treasure and also a measure of human civilization. These are called epics produced in the human history. They have been inspiring human beings all over the world for thousands of years.

It may be noted that the immoral sage poet Valmiki, who composed RAMAYAN, practiced NAMASMARAN. Dnyaneshvar, who composed Dyaneshwari, which is considered to be one of the finest examples of poetry, also preached and practiced NAMASMARAN.

With NAMASMARAN the individual gradually loses his passionate attachment to his or her personal idiosyncrasies. Thus; the subject of expression or subject of poetry; shifts from temporary, personal and incidental emotional upsurges, reactions and prejudices; to objective universal perceptions, experience and aspirations. The content of poetry gradually sheds the veils or breaks the barriers; of religious, regional, national, linguistic, racial nature as well as barriers of other types. With NAMASMARAN the poet's expression breaks away from pettiness of all kinds and soars high in the realm of universal unity. Poetry becomes a transideological, transcientific, transreligious and transubjective expression of cosmic love that infuses every being eternally. Such poetry becomes an easy road for everyone to tread easily and happily; and reach the destination of personal and global emancipation.


What exactly are ideologies? How did they emerge in the human history? What has NAMASMARAN to do with them?

Ideologies, whether religious or otherwise and whether theist or atheist; are sets of human conceptions. Broadly speaking; these conceptions have two aspects. First is that they explain the phenomena in the universe or put forward their views or vision or perspective of the universe. The second aspect is; the framing of suggestions, opinions, laws or decrees meant for guiding the human behavior.

In the distant past when there were no well defined ideologies; the human behaviors reflected biological instincts and possibly primitive emotions. This was similar to the behavior of animals. The characteristic of such behavior is that it is devoid of any deliberate planning and intentions.

In the course of human history the awareness about one's behavior and awareness of one’s feelings, instincts, thoughts, desires, dreams etc. went on increasing. Simultaneously, the understanding of the nature also went on increasing. The ideologies can be seen to have emerged as a result of the conflicts between; the actual human behavior and the ideal behavior conceived; and between different the views about universe.

This led to the definitions and descriptions of a good or progressive behavior and retrogressive behavior; which appealed to different people, who gathered around a particular view point and behavior; which suited them. This was of course; influenced by biological, geographic, climatic and physical factors.

The ideologies and the subsequent development of religious and political groups influenced the human behavior in terms global unification and amity; as well as global divide and destruction. Ideologies nurtured the human civilization as well as harmed it. Thus, one can compare and contrast the need based phenomenon of preying in prehistoric human beings and the idea-based phenomenon of genocides in "modern" age. One can compare and contrast the natural parental care evident in prehistoric man and the massive and arbitrarily designed educational courses and prolific yet barely effective writing on parental care in modern human being. One can also appreciate the instinct born spontaneous sexual behavior in prehistoric man and the idea-born complex sexuality (with innumerable aberrations and perversions) in the apparently forward, affluent modern human beings.

What should we do?

We have to understand that the ideologies have to be further developed in the light of enlightenment; culminating into a single ideology of global consensus. Through NAMASMARAN we can such a consensus with unity in diversity can be evolved. It can catalyze further enlightenment. The transideological realm of enlightenment, which is truly democratic, can be set open for one and all with the key of NAMASMARAN. This realm infuses everyone with new life that promotes natural ennoblement and development, instead of imposing certain patterns. NAMASMARAN sets an individual free from the divisive and restrictive binding of ideologies on the one hand; and sets him/her free from the obsession of imposing it on others. NAMASMARAN obviously helps one transcend one's own instinctual or barbaric obsessions. But in addition, through NAMASMARAN one helps others as well; to overcome their basal nature. Thus NAMASMARAN prevents us from being victims or criminals of the propaganda of ideological conflicts and wars. Moreover; NAMASMARAN empowers us in such a way that we can evolve the victims as well as the criminals of such wars. Ideologies generate and nurture love for one another in people of same caste, some nation, same race, same religion, same class, and same ideology and so on. Sometimes under the disguise of and slogans of internationalism and globality, "sectarian love" flourishes and as a logical sequel sectarian wars spread.

NAMASMARAN takes us beyond the realm of "sectarian love" and "sectarian hatred" into the realm of true global harmony, true global unity. Through NAMASMARAN we begin to love not merely those who practice NAMASMARAN but also those who do not! We begin to desire the upliftment of even those who oppose NAMASMARAN. Experience of this realm is so sublime that it never ever prompts any individual to compel others about any modification in their thinking or behavior. That is why; I am not advocating anybody; but merely expressing my views about the practice, implications and significance of NAMASMARAN. The readers are not expected to believe or follow it. NAMASMARAN leads to a free and spontaneous process of self-realization and its expression, which in turn helps others also, in enjoy and express the same.


Name of God chanted or repeatedly remembered by a member of any religion, faith or sect or even by a follower of Atheism (belief or convictions that God does not exist i.e. only that exists, which can be perceived or deduced intellectually) gets benefit. This benefit is in terms of loosening of the shackles of personality specific compulsive thoughts. This benefit is in terms of relief from the blindfold of cult specific obsessions and in terms of freedom from tradition specific dogmas.

NAMASMARAN helps one to transcend the universe of individual consciousness. This is important because it is through this; that a person becomes aware of one's true self; and gradually realizes it. Subsequently, one identifies the continuity of the same with the true self of the members of the other religious organizations and nationalities spread all over the world.

The wisdom or significance of NAMASMARAN is neither in the superstition in an imaginary God, nor in the atheistic belief in existence of merely what is perceived or intellectually deduced. Intellect has limitations and hence can be fallible. One can easily see that NAMASMARN shifts the very being from plane of individual existence to the plane of life that illumines the whole universe including space, time and levels of consciousness. NAMASMARAN is thus a key to unravel and experience the 'superstring' that links the whole of the universe. It is the key to share the realization of non-belief (atheism) in everything that appears and is subjective; belief (theism) in the self (NAMA) that is beyond all changes! NAMASMARAN makes us; true theist i.e. convinced of the supreme existence of truth (NAMA) and also a true atheist as we realize the relative vanity of all that is seen, perceived or intellectually concluded by fallible and limited capacity. Thus we gets rid of the dogmas born out of subjectivity and ignorance and rises above the illusory semantics such as atheism and theism, which divide us.


What is understood by virtues; is the qualities which are reflected into perceptions, thinking and behavior beneficial to an individual and the society. Virtues make the man and society profound and enriched materially and spiritually. Virtues can be individual or social. Similarly virtues can be related to bodily activities, cultural activities and religious activities. Cleanliness or physical exercise is virtues related to bodily activity. Performing of Sandhya, pranayama, pooja i.e. daily worship are related to physical as well as psychological and spiritual development. Punctuality, reliability, honesty etc. are virtues with social dimension.

But are these universal virtues?

No! One can appreciate that the conventions, rules, norms, traditions etc. emerge as a function of individual and social consciousness. Even the legal systems as well as the constitutions of the nations in different parts of the world evolve as a function of social consciousness. However, one can see that the efforts to conceptualize virtues and articulate virtues; change and vary from time to time and place to place; due to characteristic environmental influences. This makes different groups of people perceive differently, think differently and behave differently. The yardsticks of virtues vary from group to group. This leads to development of group identities, which may include regional, linguistic, religious and national; and associated with pride, assertiveness, hatred, oppressiveness etc.

The sectarian value judgment results into strife and wars. The 'virtues' become the cause of downfall. In short virtues do not remain virtues!

Now a day; it has become almost impossible to differentiate virtue from vice. This is because the scriptures which hitherto guided with respect to virtues cannot do so with accuracy any more. This is because of enormous change in the social relationships. The advertising industry, modeling, computer industry, organ transplantation, genetic engineering etc. have raised unprecedented questions with respect to virtues.

Let us take some examples. Taking bath in early morning, then taking bath at 5 O'clock and offering pooja may be a virtue in one setting, whereas working on a machine or performing caesarian section at 5 O'clock may be a virtue in another setting. Similarly; vegetarianism may be a most respected virtue in one community whereas eating raw fish may be inevitability in certain regions. In the same way; alcohol may be a taboo in some cultures but a daily routine in other. Similarly; after husband's death; getting married to his brother called NIYOGA could be a social norm in one epoch but unthinkable in the other. The custom of sacrificing animals as a matter of reverence to God; may be held in high esteem; at some point of time by some; while condemned at other point of time by others.

Therefore in the present situation the task is to discover the essence of virtues, which embodies the common principle pervading and uniting the entire universe.

NAMASMARAN transforms the individual and social consciousness and makes it trans- historical and trans-geographical. NAMASMARAN makes the consciousness rise above regional, linguistic, national, cultural and other differences. NAMASMARAN thus helps us to rediscover and realize the unity of the essence of past, present and future virtues as well as the essence of virtues world over. This is coupled with three processes 1) the appreciation and respect for the essence that unites and 2) flexibility, tolerance and consideration about the manifest forms of what others consider as virtues and 3) appropriate modifications in different virtues if and when required and feasible; in different situations in the direction of global unity.

Hathayoga is a discipline, which has emerged as a byproduct of the pursuit of self-realization. It describes the eight (in some schools; (six and seven) aspects of human endeavor by which man can experience transcendental existence or his true universal self. Some teachers, however; emphasize on subjective sensation of bliss and various achievements referred to as SIDDHIS.

In recent times Hathayoga is practiced and preached by many; as a means; of acquiring physical health, peace of mind, proportionate physique, memory, ability of concentration, stamina, social status, certificates, degree, jobs and money. Like any other luxury; it has become inaccessible to majority of the toiling humanity. The role of Hathayoga in social transformation/ welfare has become obscure.

In today's society therefore the discipline of Hathayoga needs to be rebuilt on the foundation of spiritual wisdom and scientific reasoning. It is required to be charged with the power and quality, by virtue of which it can catalyze the individual development and the social development simultaneously.

This can be achieved by NAMASMARAN. This is because NAMASMARAN helps us to discover and experience the "selfless self" around which every activity in the life can be organized. In short, NAMASMARAN helps us to give dimension of universal welfare and selfless wisdom; to every act in every field of life.


Whenever an individual performs anything which is not possible for the vast majority or anything that cannot be explained by known laws of nature; we call it a miracle. Mythologies from most of the parts of the world are full of descriptions of miracles or miraculous feats. Even the spiritual traditions are full of those individuals who have been said to have performed miracles. There are many accounts, which describe the miracles or wonders of nature. There has always been a halo of mysteriousness surrounding the miracles. The stories of miracles ignite the flame of curiosity, charge the sense of wonder and sometimes stimulate the obsession to possess miraculous powers. In many individuals the thoughts of miracles culminate into the developments of the delusion that they actually possess miraculous powers. Many individuals misuse the sway that the miracles have on the minds of people; and indulge in cheating. Many individuals surrender to such cheating; as a result of awe and fear about the miracles. Thus, in many instances miracles do not remain mere entertainers of innocent individuals. They become our enemies.

It must be appreciated that the pursuit of miracles and that of material gains are not different in terms of pettiness. Similarly the arrogance born out of miraculous powers; is not different from that born out of material gains in terms of the degree of ignorance and spiritual void. It also must be realized that the coercion and oppression involved in subjecting others to powers of miracles is not different from the same involved in subjecting the others to material powers. Lastly it must be understood that foolishness and illusion involved in surrendering to the powers of miracle is in no way different from the same involved in prostrating in front of material powers.
It may be clear from the foregoing why the classical spiritual texts condemn the pursuit of miraculous powers (Siddhis).

NAMASMARAN is unique in the sense that it sets aside every kind of petty pursuit and helps the individual to become selfless even if an individual starts NAMASMARAN with an initial purpose of petty gains. Later on as he/she spends time in the practice of NAMASMARAN, he/she gets freed from that initial, petty pursuit. This is because NAMASMARAN is qualitatively different from techniques giving immediate material benefits.

In short, NAMASMARAN saves us from the awe, fear or temptation of miracles. This is very important because, if miracles become tools of exploitation, goals of pursuit or objective of worship, then they can be as destructive and detrimental as any other petty thing. Miracles in themselves are like any other temptation and can be conductive to the downfall and destruction in the absence NAMASMARAN.


Living in the pursuit of liberation of one's own as well as the world; is itself non-violence. Non violence in other words; is constituted by; the actions, thoughts, feelings, passions and actions springing out from the selfless mind with concern for global welfare; or from non-subjective or impersonal considerations.

According to many, non-violence pertains to avoidance of; or abstinence from the actions, feelings or thoughts, which may harm or damage other individuals or living beings. If we look at this with intense commitment, them it can be easily clear that this is not possible for a common person. The slogans and propaganda of non violence; advocating non-killing of animals; or non participation in the wars; without reference; to context are unrealistic. This sort of absolute non violence can make a common person’s life absolutely miserable and totally neurotic. It must be appreciated that absolute avoidance of killing of any living being is almost impossible and unscientific for common people like us. Can we avoid killing mosquitoes, parasites, bacteria, viruses and even other pests?

Actually can we avoid death? Aren’t thousands of cells and germs dying every day; in our body? Aren’t birth and death part and parcel of the cosmic panorama? Is it not ignorant and cruel to kill as well as avoid the killing; arbitrarily; for personal gains or for subjective reasons?

This is why, amidst the widespread propaganda of non killing; there is worldwide prevalence of practice of even avoidable killing! Absolute avoidance of killing is a natural feeling of a Mahatma, a self realized soul as he/she has surpassed the boundaries of physiological living.

But for us; nonviolence must be seen as an equivalent to becoming more and more selfless and more and more objective in our perspective, thinking and actions; and avoid indiscriminate and unnecessary killing. This is what is achieved by the practice of NAMASMARAN.

Other methods of self-realization may not be inferior. But it appears that in most of such methods traces of subjective thinking still persist. Even if a person conquers killing instincts, sexual desires, the emotional attachment, the desire for possessions; and so on; some particular idiosyncrasy usually still remains and later assumes monstrous dimensions. This is because even a trace of subjective perspective tends to prompt the person to dictate or design arbitrary plans for the rest of the world.

Therefore, to facilitate the cosmic desire to manifest through one's selfless state, vision and deeds; the practice of NAMASMARAN is essential and extremely useful. The actions, which flow through a person submerged in NAMASMARAN; are sure to be selfless, objective, full of cosmic wisdom and hence truly nonviolent. NAMASMARAN most effectively and universally averts the need to unnecessarily or indiscriminately kill any being; as the new era of global harmony would be ushered in the world.


How is NAMASMARAN relevant to this aspect of life?

We have to examine the phenomenon of faith in totality. Faith is a gut feeling. It is an inner judgment. Probably it is based on past experiences and subconscious learning. But it is notable that many of our activities are knowingly or unknowingly centered on faith. Thus, there is faith in our mind about our parents, our children, our acquaintances, our teachers, our doctors, and so on and so forth. Many transactions involving billions of dollars take place on the basis of faith. Even our pets show faith in us and vice versa. But everything is not so straightforward. The problem comes, when our faith is betrayed, or when we our faith. Is blind!

The animals like dog have blind faith. But as we grow in consciousness, our faith is not that blind! We think and we doubt! We ask questions and we try to understand. We are confused and in conflicts. This is why; we started giving importance to analytical thinking, verification, conceptualization, corroborative information etc. But, though these have benefited us; they have also led to disintegration of interpersonal faith and trust. In the process of being inquisitive, we have become skeptical and suspicious. This has eroded our faith on the intrinsic unity of mankind; and we have lost a major source of solace and empowerment.

What is the solution in such case? Can we abandon the intellectual and technological gains and go back to the state of ignorance?

This is neither feasible not advisable. The movement of history cannot be reversed. It is obvious that attempts to reverse the historic process are bound to go in vain or may even prove counterproductive.

The answer is to conquer the blindness in faith as well as the intellect born skepticism! This can be done by overcoming our ignorance as well as conflicts. How to do this?

This can be done by deepening our comprehension of the word faith in philosophical parlance. The Sanskrit word for faith is "Shraddha". This involves understanding, internalization and experience of a phenomenon and accepting or rejecting it on the basis of this experience. Here it is experimentation with; ourselves instead of a laboratory animal other volunteers. Thus shraddha is an observation or a perception validated by and on; self. Shraddha is verified and evolved faith! Shraddha does not involve any crutches and support. It does not involve any expectation and any demand. Shraddha is strong feeling of self sufficiency. It involves spontaneous spring of love from within! There is no submission to any whims, fancies, ideas or dictates. There is increasing association with NAMA! At this point of time it becomes evident that the governing mechanism for the body is life. The governing mechanism for life is consciousness and the governing mechanism or the fountainhead for the consciousness (i.e. the soul of the consciousness) is God or cosmic consciousness. It becomes evident that one who is submerged in the ocean of love and drowned to "death" as regards his petty life, surely and at once springs back with eternal life.

Faith, when gets evolved into Shraddha; we are no more blind, as there is nothing that can tempt us. We therefore do not get brayed or cheated. Shraddha embodies a strong bond of selfless love. Hence, petty pursuits cannot shatter it. Thus there is pure love and unity without expectations.

Lack of shraddha in NAMA is equivalent to unfounded faith in the fallible and subjective instincts, feelings and thoughts (whims and fancies of self and others). This leads to vicious cycle of suspicion and strife. NAMASMARAN may be treated as unprofitable heritage, intellectual property or rather a liability. This is the ultimate; in suicidal and cancerous thinking. But these “paper tigers”; can be easily subdued by NAMASMARAN, the objective power!


Rituals are designed to facilitate divinity, through establishment of harmony and coordination amongst the members of the community. Many rituals practiced in Hindus have direct influence in terms of improvement in physical and mental health e.g. rituals such as sandhya (sandhya is a prayer practiced in certain sections of Hindus. It involves chanting mantras, 24 names of Lord Vishnu and pranayama useful in attaining holistic health), fasting, cooking of specific foods according to different seasons and occasions. Rituals such a marriage ceremony, thread ceremony (Initiation ceremony of a boy to learn the scriptures with commitment to apply the knowledge for the benefit of mankind marked by wearing a sacred thread called yajnopavitam, naming ceremony have importance in terms of order and amity in the society. Rituals such as Diwali (festival of lamps indicating symbolically the victory of divine over the devil), Ganesh Chaturthi (the worship of Lord Ganesh; the Lord of knowledge and enlightenment on fourth day of the ninth month in the Indian calendar Bhadrapad); or such festivals in other religious; are aimed at spiritual rejuvenation. They are meant for overcoming frustration, irritations, ego tussles etc. and enjoy humility, love and vigor in the memory of Inner Light i.e. God. Various incidences around which festivals are organized are significant, inspiring and guiding. For example, celebrating the killing of the demon Narakasura on the occasion of the festival of lamps i.e. Diwali helps the people reaffirm their opposition to inhuman elements; inside and outside.

In today's context the social fabric all over the world is in a process of getting disrupted. This is because of losing the old wisdom embodied in the rituals as well as because of the hurricane of individualistic, petty and superficial values. This has led to intellectual, cultural and moral indifference and isolationism coupled with denial of rituals; or senseless, vulgar, absurd efforts to revive and re-establish the caricatures of the old rituals.

It is essential to extract the essence of the rituals and adopt them beneficially. This cannot be possible by merely reading the scriptures. For that; sharing the vision of our ancestors is essential. This is possible NAMASMARAN. Thus; the rituals can be remodeled making them nonsectarian, without losing the sap of culture which is pure and without the side effects such as fanaticism, bigotry, cultural intolerance etc.

NAMASMARAN thus prevents callous and dehumanizing implementation of rituals. It facilitates the realization of the vanity of the external features of rituals. It makes us liberal and flexible about external features. It thus preempts the coercive efforts to either annihilate the rituals and wisdom therein; or to arbitrarily impose them on the people of other religion/s.

Where is zero? Where is nothingness? Where is death?
Zero is extremely important and gives meaning to the language of Mathematics and its branches, ubiquitously spread throughout human civilization!
However if we carefully try to search the origin of the concept of zero, we find that it is an arrangement to comprehend, explain and maneuver the fleeting phenomena! Existence of zero is only with relation to the three dimensions and what we refer as; past, present and future; and their influence on our brain. We indicate with the use of zero; the absence of a particular entity in that place and time with respect to us.
Actually; how can zero per se; i.e. nothingness exist? The moment we say zero, it implies presence of time, space, and us.
In fact; the origination of the concept of nothingness and its designation in terms of zero, (though in relative sense have tremendous practical value; in all transactions and scientific endeavors) have given rise to the dreadful concept of end and death! It has given rise to the concept of atheism i.e. non existence of anything like self or God. Actually; in absolute sense; zero does NOT exist.
In fact; this realization gives us intellectual freedom from fear and hence great relief from the stress of thantophobia - the fear of death!
Practice of NAMASMARAN is said to endorse this not only intellectually; but in terms of giving us a firsthand experience of deathlessness, immortality and eternal bliss. One can verify this through one’s own experience!
NAMASMARAN is apparently a simple activity. But actually it is such a deep process; that it churns the entire interior of us. It brings out to surface; our basal and despicable subconscious instincts and emotions; of which we are not aware! We are shuddered when we actually become aware of them! We are actually afraid of ourselves and shattered! We are ashamed of ourselves and develop self pity also!
NAMASMARAN is apparently a passive and unexciting activity; when compared with other activities involving sports, politics, money, romance, freedom movement, charity, glamour, fame! We can therefore feel let down in the world; by the deceptive glamour, glitter, fame, power; and feel that; because of NAMASMARAN; we have become defunct, redundant and dejected!
These experiences are because of our ignorance of the scope and potential of NAMASMARAN. We actually practice it indolently to escape from the search of truth and its expression! We practice it; mechanically and parasitically in vain hope of petty gains and hence get frustrated! As we keep on running away from the roots of the individual and social problems; we prove ourselves morons in front of those, who do not understand and hence ridicule and/or condemn NAMASMARAN!
The practice of NAMASMARAN; in awareness of the holistic perspective, thinking, emotions and actions; evolving within; is a great achievement. It is empowering, enlightening and enriching. It fills us with dignity and fulfillment! It takes us to the fulfilling and ultimate experience of at least the glimpse of individual and universal blossoming!

Beauty is that which gives happiness to one's eyes, other senses and soul.

Though it is said that 'beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder', there are some things which appear beautiful to almost all of us.

Thus; the eyes free of greed, lust, despair, jealousy, anger, anxiety, fear, hatred, cunningness, deception, contempt, arrogance, irritation, frustration and indifference; make the face beautiful. The words of empathy understanding, encouragement, re-assurance, selflessness make the speech beautiful. The expression of quietude, peace, satisfaction, fulfillment and enthusiasm; makes the face beautiful with universal appeal. In short, genuine concern for the welfare of mankind, feeling of oneness with the others, consideration for the errors or deficiencies of the others and the activities in the direction of global emancipation, make the personality beautiful.

These attributes result from the victory over the compulsion of one's stress (arising out of physical, emotional, social, educational, cultural, financial and other difficulties). Stress when efficiently conquered, cannot mutilate the inner as well as the outer beauty. Thus, the eyes whether picturesque or sunken, face whether proportionate or otherwise, speech whether flowery or simple, manners whether urban or rural, manifest utmost beauty.

Everything in life can become beautiful, radiant and affable if and when it springs from the divine fountainhead in one's own being. This is precisely what happens through NAMASMARAN as a byproduct (though it is not the aim of NAMASMARAN).
Suddenly in the New Year celebrations the noise changed into whispers and loud discussions.
The news had taken everybody by surprise.
Someone had noticed God Himself sitting on a nearby hillock.
All of them agreed that this was a wonderful opportunity and great boon to meet Him personally.
As they were approaching Him; someone said; “We always pray and put forth our demands and desire to God! But won’t it be wiser to ask Him; His desire?”
Even though it was unusual; ultimately all agreed on this point.
As they reached God; they prostrated in front of Him and saluted in their different ways!
As God asked them to tell what they wanted; all of them unanimously said; “This time; we have come to fulfill; NOT our desire; but YOUR desire!
God laughed!
He said; “Thinking this way; is a great achievement! You have come closer to me! Actually ‘my desire’ operates through you as ‘your desire’; even if you are unaware of it!! Your awareness and concern about ‘my desire’ is also my desire! My desire is self sufficient and omnipotent! Instantly it becomes a reality!
In this New Year and the years to come; the practice of remembering me i.e. remembering your true self (called jikra, jaap, jap, sumiran, simaran, NAMASMARAN) would spread in all the continents, nations, provinces, cities, villages, homes, institutions, industries, hospitals, farms and every nook and corner.
Further; this practice would not be aimed at petty gains! It would be selfless! It would blossom into holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs and their implementation! The spiritualism and materialism, theism and atheism would be culminated in holistic renaissance, superliving or individual and universal blossoming! The profundity and prosperity would go hand in hand!
Individualism and socialism would be culminated in; Self realization and SAMSHTI YOGA; respectively!”
The people were thrilled to hear all this!
However; one of them, who was very curious to know; how this could happen; asked; “But how would all this happen?”
God said; “75 trillion cells unite and live in unity, complementarities and harmony in human body! Every cell participates in its own well being and also the homeostasis i.e. wellbeing of the individual! In this same way; every individual; from every nook and corner of the world; would participate simultaneously and inseparably; in his/her own wellbeing as well as that of the universe!”

Total stress management, Delight of unity, Globalization, Maan Ganga, Soliloquy of a media person, Maya Siddhi Stress Technology, Caste system, Jap, jaap, jikra, sumiran, simaran etc
Total Stress Management (total well being, holistic health, superliving or holistic renaissance) includes holistic perspective, policies, plans, programs and their honest implementation.

Some of us argue that we (and others) undergo stress because of our past deeds ('poorva-sanchit' or 'prarabdha'); and hence we should accept stress as God’s desire and be happy. This logic is applied to the social evils as well.

They ask; can we be happy even if all the material needs are granted? Can they give total fulfillment of life?
The answer is “We may not be happy; and fulfilled; merely by the material pleasures themselves; unless; we are oriented to our true selves.”

Are we not unhappy because of our ego?

The answer is; “Ego is a root cause of unhappiness. But material needs have to be optimally fulfilled; to eventually transcend the ego.”

Isn’t the world unchanged; even when so many great people toiled for its improvement in the past? Aren’t such efforts useless and futile?
The answer is; “It is true that the world appears ‘unchanged’ because; our vision is still shackled in our own biological limitations. But as and when we transcend these limitations; we ‘see’ the benevolence of the great people and their efforts no more appear futile!”

What is the use of such efforts; if we have to leave everything; when we die?

The answer is; “There is no ‘use’; if we look at Total Stress Management; with greed, for profit, for material benefit in a utilitarian manner; like mortal beggars! But Total Stress Management itself becomes a source of ambrosia for one and all; as we steadily experience our own immortal self!”

Many of us; become either the victims or the causes of STRESS; even as; they are well meaning, polite, gentle, charitable, innocent, honest and good in general!

For others; Total Stress Management is an essential and holistic expression; of the empowerment and enlightenment of NAMASMARAN; in personal, family, occupational and social life; like oxygen, which they breathe; without any expectations and questions!

They say; "If the social problems are due to poorva-sanchit or prarabdha, then; our efforts to solve them, impulsively and compulsively; is our poorva-sanchit or prarabdha! They say;"Total Stress Management" is an inevitable part of their essential daily routine!"

Interestingly; those practicing, promoting and propagating NAMASMARAN; as well as; those not doing so; actually participate in; Total Stress Management (total well being, holistic health, superliving or holistic renaissance); by contributing; the fervor, motivation and driving force; and analytical, operational and technological skills; respectively.
Many of us are convinced that NAMASMARAN takes us from subjectivity; to objectivity, to the root and seed of universe and to immortality! However many of us question about its uniqueness, supremacy; and its insistence and generalization.
Thus; some of us feel that there are many people who do not practice NAMASMARAN; yet serve the universe in different ways e.g. through; scientific and technological research and social service. Some of us feel that; consideration of the merit of other ways of self realization; is also important.
It is true that the creative geniuses in different fields contribute to the universal blossoming without practicing NAMASMARAN. Whether a person is creative genius or not, whether he/she is happy and fulfilled or not, whether their contribution has really helped the universe blossom or not; is judged by us! These are our subjective opinions. These are a rebased on appearances. These are not absolute truth. . But it is they; who have to express if or not they reached the final destination viz. the experience of immortality (AMRUTANUBHAVA); like Saint Dnyaneshvar.
As far as the merit of the other ways of self realization is concerned; it is for those who have experienced immortality or are convinced to reach immortality through those ways; can preach them.
For us, who are convinced about NAMASMARAN and its scope and potential; it is fair to practice NAMASMARAN steadfastly and share (not preach) the vision, conviction and/or experiences; with others, without being critical about the other ways (about which, we have no experience).
But suffice it to feel and express; that ultimately all ways converge to the universal harmony and eternal reality.

Disciple: Master; we don’t see any great improvement in ourselves, in spite of practicing NAMASMARAN. Thousands of people apparently not practicing NAMASMARAN are far better than us not only in prosperity and power, but in behavior and their service to mankind also. If this is so; then what is the sense in trying to globalize NAMASMARAN?
Guru: My dear! Don’t compare yourself with others. For exact comparison we need the samples with same species, sex, age, occupation etc; so that the comparison becomes meaningful. Those, who do not apparently practice NAMSAMARAN; but are “better”; could actually be oriented or connected with NAMA in some other way; or they might have actually practiced NAMASMARAN; in their previous lives. Moreover your impression that they are better than you; is a subjective perception. It could be deceptive. Hence; you should not compare yourselves; with others. You are on right track and are improving; though the improvement may not be as per your expectations; or to your satisfaction!
If your efforts to globalize NAMASMARAN; are adulterated with condescending attitude to “improve others”, or improve the world as per your vision, then you are bound to be in anguish! You are sure to be trapped in self doubts, uncertainty and diffidence; about what you are doing! You are bound to be hurt and frustrated; or even feel guilty!
Remember; globalizing NAMASMARAN is and has to be; as natural and as consequential; as the light of a lamp; or the fragrance of a flower! It has to be with the understanding; that NAMA is already global; universal, cosmic and beyond time; though; its manifestation as NAMASMARAN; and its benevolence in other forms; manifest at appropriate times and through appropriate individuals! This often appears (of course erroneously) to us; as “our achievement”!
Disciple: Thank you Master! Now I seem to understand the relationship between NAMA and NAMASMARAN and our role!!
Maan is an area; in the state of Maharashtra, in India. The districts; sharing this area; are Satara, Solapur and Sangli. Gondavale (India, Maharashtra state, Satara district, Maan Taluka) is surrounded by places such as Dahivadi, Pusegaon, Koregaon, Mhasvad, Aatpadi, Satara, Phaltan, Maini, Vita, and Tasgaon. It is about 60 to 100 km from Sangola, Pandharpur, Pune, Sangli, Miraj and Mahabaleshvar. It can be reached from Mumbai, Panvel, Vashi, New Mumbai, Lonavla, and Thane; by road; in about 5 to 7 hours by express highway.
Millions amongst us visit Gondavale with inexplicable and utmost attraction, love, devotion, dedication, reverence and innate piety; towards the incarnation of ultimate truth viz. Sadguru Shri Brahmachaitanya Maharaj Gondavalekar.
Many of us participate in the daily activities (conducive to individual and global blossoming) called NITYOPASANA (nitya = one which continues uninterrupted and upasana means getting nearer to God or truth). Some of us are involved in daily maintenance and management; while others are active in programs such as ANNA DAN (serving blessed food i.e. PRASAD) and GOSEVA and GOGRAS (caring and feeding the cows).
All these activities are commendable! We salute the reverence with utmost respect.
But in spite of all this; the plight of the river Maan Ganga, where Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj spent his childhood; brings tears in our eyes! The miserable and pathetic condition of Maan Ganga on the banks of which; Gondavalekar Maharaj played during His childhood, hurts and disturbs deep inside!
A feeling of guilt creeps in the mind prompting that; neglecting Maanganga amounts to; disregarding our own reverence towards Shri Gondavalekar Maharaj! This is especially so on the background that the area around Gondavale; is drought affected and the importance of healthy river cannot be overemphasized!
It is hoped that NAMASMARAN would inspire and motivate our conscience, wisdom, talents, expertise, managing capacity, technical skills, and coordination amongst many; to start and expedite the actual process of healing and revival of Mother Maanganga! It is hoped that as a result Mother Maanganga would nurture us with; not only water but the spiritual nectar for centuries to come and regenerate and rejuvenate us!
If I; a media person; were to introspect honestly; then I would make the following statements.
The media has to be realistic. Reality transcends what merely appears. Reality embodies the unseen undercurrents of blossoming future; amidst what is apparent, confusing, depressing or maddening! Media has to express explicitly and convincingly; the realization of the sublime aspirations of the people of the world.
But this is not easy. We the media people; like all others; are usually dragged by our instincts, passions, temptations, vested interests, pressures and so on. We are more likely to get enamored by the glamour and glitter; as we are always exposed to it!
We are impressed and adversely influenced by the people, their weaknesses, their fallibility and their values based on superficiality and pettiness. In turn; we may also; be influencing them adversely; with our values!
As a result; we spread the weaknesses and weakening and perverting values through powerful media to rest of the society, the readers, the listeners and the viewers!
In fact we; the media people; seem to be caught in the unending pressures of the glamour, glitter, petty politics; opportunism; and power, nuisance value, cynicism, personal temptations and so on. We seem to lose the vision of blossoming; of our own and that of the mankind, in the course of our job! We seem to get degenerated in that sense!
But it is important to note that everyone including us, the media people; who are shrouded by the forces of degeneration; have a definite and realistic hope!
This realistic hope comes from NAMASMARAN, which is remembering our true self. NAMASMARAN can protect us; the media persons; just as everyone else; from the disturbing and stupefying illusions and delusions created by rapidly changing environment inside and outside!
Technology has made many things, thought to be impossible in the past; easily possible!
In common language these technological feats could be conceived and appreciated as extraordinary achievements. In spiritual tradition such achievements (though through different means and ways) are called SIDDHIS.
ADWAITA philosophy refers to the internal and external universe as MAYA or MITHYA, to indicate and convey its changing, fleeting and hence deceptive nature. I conceive MAYA as relative reality as distinguished from absolute.
Technology validates this perspective in many ways.
It is through technology (modern siddhis) that we realize that; on the one hand; what we ‘see as reality’ in the immediate vicinity with naked eyes; is only ‘apparent’; what we ‘don’t see’ e.g. electromagnetic radiations is a ‘reality, which is not apparent’.
The transmission of news on the news channels of electronic media; validates with great impact, that every situation, every person, every success or failure and every moment, are ephemeral, transient and fleeting!
The internet highlights the fact, which is not appreciable to otherwise intelligent mind; that millions of people are reading and thinking about what is uploaded; and millions of people are engaged in different activities beneficial or harmful to mankind.
It is however necessary to appreciate; that whatever is apparent through technology is also fleeting and superficial. In other words, it is also; relative reality and not absolute!
In fact, my hypothesis is; technology can create; illusions, delusions, hallucinatory effects; leading to pleasant and unpleasant feelings, elation and depression and also schizoid and multiple personality like behavior. This is due to the larger than life and hence unrealistic presentation of movies, serials, reality shows, advertisements and even news and other reports!
The technological feats (siddhis) thus can unveil the MAYA on the one hand and create far more illusory, deceptive and destructive “replications of MAYA” on the other!
What is absolute?
We find ultimate culmination of our life in the absolute or cosmic consciousness. It is in this cosmic consciousness that we experience the ultimate of bliss, peace, and harmony; and the way to this “absolute” is NAMASMRAN! We should not believe and accept or disbelieve and discard this blindly; but verify this conviction; on the basis of extensive study, discussion, contemplation and most importantly, the practice!
Merely belonging to different castes, different religions, or merely following certain customs, which are running through the generations in a family and a community; does not make us discriminatory, unjust, prejudiced and communal; and does not produce STRESS of communalism!

According to the world book dictionary, communalism refers to self-governance of a commune or communes and this is a kind of federalism. Communal means related to commune.

In Sanskrit there is a SUBHASHITA


The meaning of this SUBHASHITA is simple and enlightening. It boosts the spirit of tolerance.
It implies, every individual has different intellectual capacity, every source of water contains water with different characteristics and composition, every community has different tradition; and different linguistic expression is present in every individual mouth!

But in India this word has different connotation. In India, communalism implies disproportionate pride, concern about one’s caste, tribe, religion or any such group and disproportionate contempt, hatred and prejudice about those of others.

This is almost always associated with practices harmful to others. Communalism has become an everyday problem. It has infiltrated every walk and every stratum of life; like a cancer. Thus different political parties, varieties of unions, various organizations; and associations are diseased with communalism. Similarly, policies regarding employment, promotions, admission to different educational careers, competitive examinations in almost every sphere of life have been infiltrated by communalism.

To understand and overcome the menace of communalism and bring about harmony and justice in society effectively; we have to understand the caste system and the caste specific job distribution that has come into existence and remained for centuries.

The caste system in India was evolved on the physiological principle of homeostasis where many different type of cells perform different functions so as to maintain constancy of internal environment and thereby health of the organism. It was based on the principle of a variety, complementarity and harmony in nature. Thus the emergence of caste system was based on the observation that neither in body nor in nature the individual components perform the same work or job. In fact this kind of “equality” is dangerous. Complementarity of components is important and conducive to health. This entailed distribution of different jobs. This distribution of the jobs initially depended on the capacity.

However the distribution of jobs gradually became independent of the capacity and started depending on one’s caste. How could have this happened?

It appears was because of the observation; that the tissues performing a particular function in body; give rise to the cells with the same functions. Secondly; there is heredity in nature. The mango tree gives mango fruits, banana tree gives banana and coconut tree gives coconuts. The offspring of a tiger is a tiger and offspring of a cat is a cat. Thus the fact the tissues give rise to daughter cells performing the same function and the plants and animals reproduce their own replicas; was probably extrapolated to the human society.

It must have been thought that such heredity must be working in human beings also. In fact, such extrapolation must have been buttressed by the observations that children do carry the traits of their parents which may include, from mathematical talents to musical skills, besides physical constitution and looks. In fact even today we use expressions such as “There is music in his blood”, “There is acting in his blood” “There is business in his blood” and so on. These expressions are based on observations of centuries. So every community was seen or perceived as a particular organ or tissue, which would give rise to specific type of cells; and sub serve the homeostasis in the organism viz. holistic welfare or blossoming of the mankind!

The second reason for this change must have been due one of the most prevalent concepts viz. KARMA PHALA SIDDHANTA. In Marathi this is expressed as KARAVE TASE BHARAVE. In English this is expressed through “As you sow, so you reap”. This concept gives a basis for why a particular child is born in a particular community or caste. This led to the notion that those who are born in a particular caste are born according their deeds in the past life. This lent a conceptual foundation for the stability and continuance of the caste dependent job distribution. So every individual in a particular community, caste, sub caste; was conceived as a particular individual cell in a tissue; best suited for the function of that tissue.

Now it can be appreciated why there were restrictions on all the communities (analogous to organs or tissues) to do a particular job.

Obviously this was to achieve social homeostasis (analogous to homeostasis in an organism). Clearly this was to avoid competition based on petty selfishness and unabated personal ambitions, which could, jeopardize the welfare of a society (analogous to endangering the homeostasis and life of an organism because of different tissues competing to perform the same functions).

The caste system also had one more and important aspect and that was punishment at local level. This punishment depended on the nature of “crime” or “sin” and the verdict of the traditional beliefs, conventions and consensus. This particular system included the punishment of out casting i.e. ostracizing. Out casting means; removing out of the community. The person or a family could not live in; and get any facilities from their community. There was total noncooperation. This was a kind of imposition of sanctions.

Those who were out casted were condemned to live as the outcaste. This system of giving “justice” by consensus; apparently did not have any provision for the upward traffic of the out casted “lower” castes, who actually were not merely the conquered people or slaves. They included the “upper” castes individuals and families, which had to enter into “lower” castes because of what was then considered a “crime”. However one does not know with certainty whether there were any ways of absolving from those so called “crimes” and promoting to “upper castes”.

It is well known in India that the father and mother of the world famous saint of 12th century, saint Dnyaneshvar were out casted and forced to commit suicide; for their “crime” of going against the then prevalent code of conduct.

Today most of these “crimes” may not be considered as crimes, blunders or even mistakes; because of the individualism, superficiality, pettiness as well as ideas of (right as well as wrong) freedom.

It appears that these castes, which were forced to live outside the villages, were declared untouchable. Due to the same notion of heredity, which consolidated caste system, their progeny was also considered inferior and forced to stay out of the village border, was made to accept dirty jobs and was declared untouchable. This is why; many villages in India used to have and still have; in many regions, the formerly untouchable people staying beyond the boundaries of the villages.

The caste system as such; has been primarily; a result of all that has been said above and possibly some other factors. But it was not a conspiracy. However; it became unjust and perverted; through the subsequent influence of many other factors such as vested interests, misuse of cultural superiority and authority, emotional blackmailing, exploitation of gullibility, religious persecutions, outright sadism, brutality, foreign invasions, forcible conversions, fear of the unknown, fear of the society, etc.

The theory that caste system was a conspiracy; can prejudice and mislead; the young and innocent people; and can create division, hatred and strife; amongst different castes. It can generate and aggravate the vindictive attitude of vengeance amongst some and the morbid sense of guilt in the others. But since conspiracy theory does not go to the root cause; it cannot solve the burning problems of the billions. In fact this has been vindicated by the turbulent history of many ad hoc measures; such as; reservations and other caste-caste interactions in India in last several decades.

The fact that the caste system did not develop as conspiracy can be clearly evident if following points are considered.

1) Caste system to be the conspiracy has not primarily been a result of political wars or religious wars also. The subsequent influence of such factors; however; cannot be entirely denied.

2) Political, dictatorial, oppressive, exploitative reasons appear too simplistic to explain the phenomenon of casteism and untouchability, which has spread all over India and in every nook and corner of even the interior most parts of country (which were ruled by extremely different rulers with extremely diverse backgrounds).

3) Caste system has not been a conspiracy; because; it has not been primarily a result of winner-loser relationship. If that had been the case then there would not have been as many restrictions on certain “upper” castes as have been there in India.

4) If there had been winner loser relationship between two groups then one would have found fairly uniform characteristics amongst “upper” and “lower” castes. This is not so. Everyone would agree that there is mediocrity in so called “upper” castes and there excellence in so called “lower” castes. In fact almost all types of people are seen in all the castes. This applies not only to capacity but also to morality and social commitment.

5) The skin complexion of the individuals from “upper” castes and “lower” castes is also not uniform. Thus “upper” castes are not uniformly fair in complexion and the “lower castes” are not uniformly dark in complexion.

6) Caste system was not based on equality. But it was basically and to start with not based on inequality, injustice and exploitation also. It was based on; as is said earlier; the interpretation of homeostasis, heredity and complementarity, and its extrapolation to society, social harmony, social stability, social order and optimal social blossoming in holistic health.

7) In the ancient times; most of the rulers and great scholars were NOT Brahmins and the scriptures were the products of general consensus and not of a creation of a particular community.

These scriptures (MANU SMRUTI, PARASHAR SMRUTI, VASISHTHA SMRUTI, NARADA SMRUTI, and YAJNAVALKYA SMRUTI) were codes of conduct for different age groups, different professionals, and different members of the family etc; and not merely for “lower” castes.
It has to be appreciated that because of this, even as most of the saints did not practice caste discrimination, religious discrimination or any other kind of discrimination for that matter, they did not condemn or allege the Indian scriptures with malicious and vicious intentions.

This was because they knew that by condemning them, the old wisdom of social homeostasis would be lost and by supporting and practicing it; the exploitative, coercive and inhuman element would be justified and would continue. For this reason they chose the middle way. The saints did not make any disruptive and provocative allegations; because they knew that this could not eradicate the evils of caste system. They knew the way for this was; opening of the floodgates of enlightenment and empowerment for one and all. This is why; they spent their lives in trying to open the floodgates of enlightenment and empowerment for one and all.
From the work of the saints it appears that the saints had diagnosed the flaw in the caste system; and hence foreseen and predicted; the end of caste system (without losing the essential concept of social homeostasis) through generalized enlightenment and empowerment; irrespective of caste, religion, region. Actually this is of paramount importance and inevitable in annihilation of caste system, though it is not understood or is neglected.
The saints suffered during their lifetime because of the harassment from callous, rigid, orthodox and inhuman conservative elements; and centuries after their death; still continue to be misunderstood, misquoted, condemned and ridiculed by many misguided elements!
The major flaw; in the caste system that rendered it extremely exploitative, coercive and inhuman; is the omission or ignorance of i) Human beings are different from tissue cells, mango, coconut, tiger and cat; by virtue of greater freedom and flexibility ii) tissue cells, mango, coconut, tiger and cat do not have the choice and freedom in health; to transcend their tissue characteristic, mango-ness, coconut-ness, tiger-ness and cat-ness. In contrast human beings have this potential and hence must get choice and freedom to transcend their caste characteristics, the process which is called enlightenment or self-realization.

The saints seem to have realized that the children are not of the parents (to get exactly the same characteristics or to be blamed for the “sins” of their parents), but they come through the parents.

The saints also seem to have realized that it is a great fallacy to condemn someone as sinful; merely because of being born in a particular caste; and punish him/her for the so called sins/crimes of the past generations or past lives.

The purpose of this article is not to glorify or to condemn anybody, or to describe the detailed history of caste system but only to i) conceptualize the theory of the emergence of caste system based on the understanding of physiology and ii) having gone to the root of the caste system and the main determinants of the caste system; take it to its logical end by blossoming everybody; at individual and global levels in every possible way! This implies that everything coercive in caste system would come to an end and the wisdom of harmony and complementary would continue.

If we wish to conquer the stress resulting from caste system; then we have to learn the root causes of its development and functioning as is described above. Secondly; we have to understand that we are never; “mere exploited” or “mere exploiters”. We harbor within us; an exploiter and an exploited simultaneously. We are never; mere Brahmins, kshatriyas, vaishyas and shudras. We harbor within us a Brahmin, Kshatriya, vaishya and shudra; simultaneously within us. In fact; any such division; in terms of class and caste in the society; even though tempting; is simplistic and superficial. It never takes us to the roots of castes.

If we study physiology, then we would realize that we have different control mechanisms, which control our thinking, feelings and our behavior. Thus we have prefrontal cortex and the sensory, motor and association areas of brain, limbic and autonomic nervous system, sub cortical brain and neuroendocrine parts, and endocrine, metabolic and spinal mechanisms in order of evolution.

Our perspective, thinking, feelings and behavior; in individual life and social life; are determined by a certain control mechanism predominant in our life.
Roughly speaking; predominant control of prefrontal cortex and the sensory, motor and association areas of brain; makes us Brahmins. If we are predominantly governed by limbic and autonomic nervous system; then it is being Kshatriya; and if we are being predominantly governed by sub cortical brain and neuroendocrine parts, then it is being vaishya. If we are predominantly governed by endocrine, metabolic and spinal mechanisms, then it is being shudra.

If we are predominantly governed by endocrine, metabolic and spinal mechanisms, then we are bound to have prevalence of exploitation, pettiness, jealousy, hatred, fanaticism, fascism, lust, cruelty, crudeness of every kind; inconsiderateness, indifference, intolerance, selfishness, sectarian perspective, violence, treachery, cruelty, betrayals, cheating, crimes, filth, diseases, and accidents and so on in our individual life and; if we are in majority, then in our social life! In other words we are bound to create hell for ourselves and others.
Let us be cle

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