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1. Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences.Volume 8/ Issue 3/ Sep-Dec 2013. Angelman syndrome in three biological siblings: Focusing on the neuropsychiatric domain.
Akhila Kumar Panda, Sujit Kumar Kar 1 , G. Gopinath.G
2. Indian Journal of Medical Specialities. 22 July 2014. Hashimoto's encephalopathy masquerading as chronic meningitis- case of a middle-aged female with review of literature. Akhila Kumar Panda, Gopinath.G, Siddharth Maheswari, Vachan Jayant Mehta,
Lomesh Bhirud
3. Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice | April - June 2014 | Vol 5 | Issue 2. Parry Romberg syndrome with hemimasticatory spasm in pregnancy; A dystonia mimic. Akhila Kumar Panda, Gopinath G, Shaily Singh.

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