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Sexual Confidence
What is Sexual Confidence ?

Sexual Confidence is:
Knowing that you are a good sexual partner.
Thinking that you are sexy (regardless of your age or weight)
Being willing to flirt, or touch first.
Freedom from inhibition - you can be yourself in bed.
You are in touch with your desires - you know what you like.
Being able to say “I want you” and knowing he wants you too.
Daring to try something new - a position, sex in the kitchen, being blindfolded etc.
Understanding that a good sexual rapport can take time to develop.
Being unafraid to say no to anything that you don’t want.
Keep a healthy distance between Desires and Relationships.
Not taking your partner’s lack of desire or orgasm as your failure.
Staying calm if your partner loses his erection. (you know it happens sometimes)
Being open to hearing feedback about your technique in order to better please him.
“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.”

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