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First point is: In spiritualism we often hear people preaching that you have to forget yourself in memory of God.

Prima facie this appears to be a horrible idea of complete amnesia or dementia.

The first reaction to such preaching is aversion towards spiritualism. In fact if you are honest and realistic, about genuine personal and social issues, then you develop loathe and disgust about spiritualism.

Those who preach this obviously do not seem to have forgotten themselves or even their petty interests, in memory of God.

Actually; forgetting yourself in memory of God means; being able to get freed from the nagging and harrowing shackles of individualistic or subjective ideas and feelings. NAMASMARAN helps you to gradually get freed from the harassing and obsessive reminders of your own subjective ideas and feelings.

Second point: In spiritualism it is often insisted to the extent of coaxing that you have to give up everything and renounce all the relationships and excepting the one with God.

This also is obviously shocking and repulsive as it induces hatred about all sublime and adorable relationships.

What it actually means is; you acquire the capacity to see every relationship more objectively in the course of time; due to being focused on God i.e. beyond petty self through the practice of NAMASMARAN. As a result; your emotional bonds in all relationships evolve and become mature, subtler and refined.

It is important to understand that of subjective ideas and feelings (memory of petty self) and subjective perceptions about the relatives, friends etc (relationships) should get evolved as a result and NAMASMARAN.

Arbitrarily trying to “forget yourself” or “cut off relations” can be harmful for a common person like me.

One can think over and decide whether to practice or not NAMSMARAN.

The third point: In spiritualism there is a philosophical depiction of reality of different philosophers with different perspectives.

This can be really very harsh on budding minds (if inadvertantly imposed) and induce a knid of cnflicting process in them.

For example when a boy sees the world and comprehends it in a particular way, it is counterproductive for the boy to assume that contrary to his perception is correct (e.g. Brahma Satyam Jagat Mithya) and his perception is wrong!

It is essential to understand that philosophy provides answers to certain questions. Understanding the answers can provide you 50 percent satisfaction and conviction. But remaining 50 per cent clarity comes only through experience.

In life it is always good to ask questions, seek answers and verify the answers on the basis of one’s experiences.

The efforts one must take for one’s evolution to internalize and comprehend experiences are called SADHANA.

In as much as it is wrong to try to blindly forsake your ideas, because some philosophy preaches it, it is also wrong to condemns the answers provided by the philosophy without practicing the SADHANA with some patience; of course similar patience required in any scientific experiment.

NAMASMARAN is one of such globally prevalent SADHANA.

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