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Any and every obstacle that obstructs the respiratory passage can cause strangling, breathlessness, suffocation, asphyxia and death; if not promptly and skillfully removed.

This is very true for the holidays in India.

The holidays in India are like respiratory obstructions, which are further complicated by natural calamities, accidents, strikes, demonstrations, riots and unaccountability in the elected bodies and the bureaucracy.

Most interesting and of course nationally distressing issue is that; all such “obstructions” suffocating all Indians; are at the cost of honest tax payers and national progress or rather very existence of the nation.

Why don’t we learn to enjoy holidays at our own cost; i.e. by taking “without pay leaves”? Why should we not; irrespective of our caste, religion, region, culture and so on; “enjoy our duties” rather than getting addicted to “irresponsibly and shamelessly enjoying” holidays at the cost of others?
Most of us would agree to this in principle; but probably would argue that unsafe and hectic commuting, excessive traveling time, exhausting exertion, disturbing working conditions and disheartening and discouraging unfairness in bureaucracy in terms of lack of accountability and incentives; destroy all the initiative and enthusiasm to be fair and sincere.

This vicious cycle of our system (in several aspects; besides those which are stated above) promoting individual deterioration and vice versa; leading to individual and national downfall; can be broken by universal practice of NAMASMARAN and not merely by other efforts (even though appreciable and admirable) such as those of several activists fighting corruption; such as Baba Ramdev and others.

Through NAMASMARAN we can learn to “enjoy our duties”, overcome “addiction of irresponsibly, shamelessly and destructively enjoying” holidays at the cost of national progress; and enjoy holidays more creatively and constructively at our own cost; i.e. “without pay”!

This hypothesis can’t probably be verified convincingly enough and tangibly enough; by just casual and occasional practice of NAMASMARAN by few amongst us. We need to popularize and globalize on priority basis the understanding and practice of NAMASMARAN.

NAMASMARAN embodies individual and global blossoming.

NAMASMARAN embodies conquest of inner and outer evils.

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