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The degree of accuracy and appropriateness of constitution, laws, rules, other manners of government regulations; regarding the taxes and the manner of expenditure of the taxes collected; decide the extent to which they convince the conscience of people, and their acceptability. This in turn decides the extent of public compliance with the constitution, laws, rules and other ways of government regulations regarding the taxation.

One of the major causes of black money is the bitterness amongst majority of the people that they are being deceived by the unjustified and coercive taxation. Naturally this is followed by manipulations to hide money and evade tax. Private entrepreneurs can often escape from the agony of having to pay (unjustified and coercive?) taxation, where as government servants cannot escape from (unjustified and coercive?) taxation on their regular legitimate income and hence try to earn money by illicit means and hide it.

The tax evasion also takes place due to lack of faith in the way the tax money is “used” by the government.

The ministers, bureaucracy (government agencies) involved in tax collection and police are part of the people and hence can not be expected to have a perception and behavior different from that of the majority of the people.

In such a situation; money earned by cheating, misguiding, swindling, stealing, exploiting, robbing and most importantly through making and twisting laws to suit the vested interests; is really the darkest money! In fact; the tax money laundered ni several government projects and programs (on which tax is evaded) the darkest money!

Besides these two points one point is important.

We the people (from top to bottom) whether in government or in free enterprises; are governed by individualistic and petty ideas. Hence we revere superficiality, glamour, and glitter and material success achieved by any means.

Naturally we get leaders and rulers who thrive on darkest money, supported by black money and not those who can have moral and spiritual sway; without money! We have no interest in having such leaders either. Till such time that we have this mindset; no political parties can not come to power and remain in power without money! Naturally; we can not expect; neither the (desperately and helplessly gathered) black money; but most importantly the darkest money refereed to above; to disappear.

But even amidst all this; NAMASMARAN practiced through centuries; has begun to get expressed in holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs; world over. The universal conscience has begun to arouse and the process of individual and universal blossoming has taken momentum! This sway of NAMASMARAN is bound to purge and cleanse the world of all darkness!

Hence this is the most opportune time to practice, teach, preach, sponsor and do whatever we can; to promote NAMASMARAN and consolidation, and implementation of holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs; so that the governance of pettiness, superficiality, individualism, selfishness and all kind of deception including the black money and “darkest money”; be destroyed!

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