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The causes of stress are called stressors. These are inside as well as outside.

The outer stressors can usually be easily identified and described in many books on stress management.

But the inner stressors, which often create unbearable conflicts; are not easy to recognize. These stressors are like hidden or invisible enemies! They are located so deep within our thoughts, emotions and our instincts and hence often in our subconscious mind, that they not accessible to our thoughts and reasoning. They elude even our spouse, family members, counselors, guides, friends, teachers, close relatives and so on!

In view of the stressors and the stress (and subsequent degeneration, deterioration, degradation, downfall and destruction) they cause; the traditional wisdom emphasizes on being in satsang i.e. being in good company.

The real meaning of satsang is being in selective company of the truth outside as well as inside; even amidst the presence of falsity.

In other words we have to shield ourselves from (or overcome) the destructive influence of people opposed to individual and global blossoming; at physical, instinctual, emotional and intellectual levels.

This can be done by
1. Avoiding or overcoming the influence of physical presence by not attending certain social events or leaving certain places as early as possible
2. Avoiding or overcoming the influence of certain seductive exhibitions, movies, which are designed to trap our instincts; especially sexual passions
3. Avoiding or overcoming the influence of plays, movies, speeches, literature etc, which ignite prejudice, hatred, division, disruption by trapping our emotions
4. Avoiding or overcoming the influence of intellectual sarcasm, cynicism, skepticism and other arguments which trap our intelligence into bigotry, fanaticism, pettiness and meanness
5. Sublimating our own physical, instinctual, emotional and intellectual sensations; producing urges, cravings, feelings, desires and compulsions, which time and again weaken us and drag us into situations for which we have repent later.
6. While choosing the company of truth outside is very difficult; choosing the company of truth inside is even more difficult.
7. The tradition has provided us with the powerful gadget (the practice of NAMASMARAN) that empowers us to select and cling to the truth outside and inside; amidst the harrowing and stupefying falsehood; i.e. be in satsang!

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