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A man is almost always born with the dream of global welfare. However he rarely identifies it. If he identifies it, then he begins to pursue it, according to his capability and bent of mind. Thus some people get satisfied with ad hoc, incomplete and superficial symptomatic solutions and enter political, social, commercial, artistic, academic, industrial, agricultural, philanthropic careers.

Some people however try to go to the root of the problems so as to realize the dream of universal welfare.

Many of these get lost into the fleeting ideologies, unrealistic concepts and self deception. Many others come to terms with the deception and in turn; deceive people under the guise of political revolution, spiritual renaissance, sat yug and so on!

Some of these however, try to go to the roots of the problems for realizing the dream of global unity and harmony holistically and after extensive study and experiments, spreading over life time; almost reach holistic and universal perspective, policies, plans and actions. They differ in terms of details; but not in essence.

The most important common factor amongst these people is the tangible perception of universal unity and harmony.

It is this sublime experience, which is sought by everyone. Hence these people are sure that the universal unity and harmony is not merely a dream or imagination but a reality of near future.

They realize that the prerequisite for universal unity and harmony (reality of the near future) is self realization and self expression (SUPERLIVING); the core of which is universal practice and promotion of NAMASMARAN! Being a cosmic being; is indeed a reality for them; though not for most of us who are casual in approach.

We can get that most cherished experience of being a cosmic being; if we keenly practice and promote NAMASMARAN; in every possible way; as a matter of greatest privilege, golden opportunity and top most priority. Alternatively; we would get painfully dragged (by global momentum) in that experience; after severe trials and tribulations; against our wretched reluctance and resistance.

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