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SUPERLIVING (TSM) -- Dr. Shriniwas Janardan Kashalikar
SUPERLIVING (TSM) is a victorious, dynamic and blissful expedition to realize A Grade happiness i. e. simultaneous individual and universal welfare i.e. freedom from B, C, D and E grades of petty “pleasures and pains”.

At this juncture, it is enough to understand that Stress is a universal interaction comprising sensory stimulation [perception], homeostatic change [feelings] and responses [behavior] and SUPERLIVING (TSM) is the simultaneous refinement of the perceptions, feelings and responses. But these occur during unconscious state, sleep, dreams and even in embryonic state. This is why SUPERLIVING (TSM), i.e. watering and blossoming of our life tree, must be Studied and practiced consciously, voluntarily and with topmost priority!

Let us not get confused or inhibited; at this juncture; by terms such as stress signals, questionnaire on stress, eustress and distress, causes (stressors), effects, underlying mechanisms, homeostatic machinery, support systems and other relevant theoretical details of stress and TSM, which are described in my other books and articles, and begin SUPERLIVING (TSM) stepwise!

Namasmaran with the topmost priority at the time of getting up and going to bed reminds us of and reunites us with the fountainhead of vitality or cosmic consciousness and thereby returns us from self pity or arrogance about our petty physical and materialistic attributes such as body figure, income etc.; to our magnanimous true self.

Anulom-vilom, Kapalbhati, and Udgeeth on empty stomach for at least half an hour a day, is advantageous in many ways, but most importantly it boosts the zeal and intensity of Namasmaran! Menstrual cycle, pregnancy, wounds, traveling and many other situations in day to day life may not permit practice of these, but we should not get disheartened. The situations will always be in our stride so far as we adhere to Namasmaran. .

Plenty of (preferably warm) water, immediately after we

get up in the morning sharpens our consciousness by stimulating the Gastrointestinal Tract receptors. It washes away useless or harmful material accumulated and facilitates bowel motion. Water facilitates excretion of waste products by kidneys and skin.

Water gets absorbed and provides the medium for the variety of chemical reactions in body and preempts the effects of subclinical dehydration caused by stress.

Clean and pure drinking water should be freely available. Further, water coolers should be abandoned thus saving health, electricity and the potters!

Rubbing of palate, gums, undersurface of tongue and

teeth involves activation of huge brain areas associated with these regions and is an important way of rousing our consciousness when we get up in morning. It increases blood supply and washes away the waste products from sinuses, gums, tongue, salivary glands, and other oral regions and imparts health.

Bath kindles our consciousness and opens new

horizons of life. It washes away the lethargy, lassitude and melancholy and rejuvenates us. Bath stimulates the sensory receptors and improves blood circulation to all parts of body.

Cold bath in morning is refreshing; while warm bath in evening is relaxing and alleviates soreness.
Physical exercise is basically meant for nurturing and channelizing the vital force in body to instill vigor in the expression of our globally beneficial perspective and feelings.

Advantages of physical exercise in terms of looks, shape of body, strength and other physical attributes are secondary. So we should avoid mad exercise with the hope of some petty physical gains.

We should work out muscles of eyes, face, tongue, neck, shoulders, arms, forearms, hands, fingers, back, abdomen, anal sphincter, thighs, legs, feet and toes, with due thought to the nature of our occupation, daily commuting, our age, other situations such as pregnancy, delivery, menopause etc. We can avoid monotony and drudgery, by combining it with Namasmaran or even watching TV! We must avoid lift (which vitiates the atmosphere by loose and petty talks and physical crowding) and climb, which is eco-friendly, inexpensive, free of hassles, saves electricity and also enables us to practice Namasmaran and Mauna. Walking also has these advantages.

Proper policies such as developing parks, gardens, walking tracks, five days working week, can promote locomotion and reduce hypokinetic stress.
Massage acts on neuromuscular system and calms and soothes the irritable and disturbed mind. It provides solace and averts disturbing surges of urges!

It improves blood circulation in almost every nook and corner of the body.

Foot massage is useful in callosities, corns, scaling, fungal infections, bruises due to cold, heat, dust, ill fitting shoes, synthetic shoes, allergens and standing or walking for long time. It ensures flexibility of small joints and adequate circulation and micro-circulation in the feet. Foot massage is especially useful in diabetics.
Correction of posture is useful in backache, spondylosis, tension headache etc. It elevates the disturbed mood, which in turn alleviates or heals the pain! Correction of posture can facilitate the free flow of nervous impulses through spinal cord and possibly boost our conscious evolution! Hence we should sit with our back and loin touching the back of the seat when we are listening, reading, writing, talking, walking, eating, praying and travelling!

Survival and fear of death vanish [not easily!] if we learn that the Sun, is responsible for the light rays passing through us and the light i.e. life shall continue eternally even if our bodies-the windows perish!

But since this realization emerges through healthy society and healthy body, we must learn a skill, technique, art, business etc., as a means of survival involving decent income nurturing individual and social health through satisfactory social contribution.

Hunger is an instinct of survival in animals, but we have the freedom to choose the quantity, quality, type, place, maker, provider, server etc of food; on the basis of its properties conducive to alertness, buoyancy, composure, decisiveness, courage, love and growth of mind rather than succumbing to savage craving, predator instinct, taste, flavor, shape, texture, color and deceptive goals such as ideal body proportion, skin complexion and heroic success etc.

Home-made preparations containing green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, sprouted beans, unpolished food grains are good.

Excessive consumption of any one type of food but especially strong smelling/tasting and heavy food is bad.

The mental and physical states and affectionate sharing with others; add to the pleasure and benefits of food. We should eat together and in a prayerful and grateful attitude. This makes it a yajna i.e. an act of a highest merit, which reunites us with our objective blissful consciousness! For making this possible, proper policies, research, training, practice, production and distribution of food/ agricultural products; are crucial.

We have to appreciate noble aspects of parenthood, family relations, social commitments, economic conditions, emotional solace, mutual respect, individual aspirations and marital relationship inseparably associated with sex. This appreciation must be reflected in laws, rules, regulations, conventions, literature, art and electronic and print media and our day to day transactions so that the forces of carnality and mercenary sexuality inside and outside us; destroying our peace; can be sublimated into wholesome and profound sexual relations, cosmic romance and ever enriching fulfillment.

We have to re-explore parental instinct i.e. our love and care for our children by overcoming misguided compulsions of individualistic pursuits and indulgence in physical pleasures, which destroy our instinctual health and happiness! The mothers ought to practice breast feeding for their own as well as their child’s total health and safe and private places must be provided for peaceful, serene, secure and satisfactory practice of breast feeding.

The overall atmosphere, with which we are deeply habituated is called habitat and our company in the habitat constitutes the herd! The best way of averting stress related to these;
is employment or self-employment in or around native places. When we are out of habitat or herd, we can overcome the stress through SUPERLIVING (TSM), which makes us humble and stop boasting (about our petty achiev-ements) or grumbling (about our petty grievances)!

We go on getting enamored and dragged after people, friends, relatives, careers, money, glamour, power, hobbies, thoughts, philosophies and so on apparently to complete our sense of inadequacy and overcome loneliness. As we evolve practice of homeostasis i.e. our contribution to the policies of holistic health, holistic medicine and holistic education etc. seem to provide solutions. But actually we continue to sometimes get excited and sometimes depressed. We need opening up (with intoxication) and sharing of the euphoria or agony; with friends! But later such ‘friends’ and ‘opening up’ boomerang! They start damaging mind, body and social life! We can ride over all this through NAMASMARAN.

The bitterness, discord, dissatisfaction etc. in family life can be overcome by involvement in common goals and common missions, which bind us together, by warm bonds.

In the past the highest personal ambition was to stick to and discharge the duties according to the religious conformities and the schedules. There were no conflicts of aims and ideas. Every member shared the enthusiasm, commitment, dedication in the traditional profession and the religious conventions. Hence everyone shared and divided pain resulting from mishaps and shared and multiplied the happiness arising out of festivity and fulfillment of the commitments. In fact, successful conformity with the traditions was considered an adorable achievement!

We have only few of those traditions and customs but not in their original and socially benevolent forms to bind our families together. Most of us are falling prey to individualistic pursuits resulting into petty failures or petty successes making us meek and miserable or mean and maniac. New common goal of SUPERLIVING (TSM) can bring about SUPER FAMILY LIFE.

The objective of marriage is usually identified merely with sexual intercourse, reproduction, rearing and luxurious living. This narrow objective and pleasure therein are never capable of resolving conflicts in marital life!

We have to understand that the institution of marriage is a liberating bond that propels us beyond our petty ego and helps us achieve collective emancipation! With this conviction alone we can assimilate the sublime richness of sacrifice, tolerance, forgiveness, service, forbearance inherent in living with our soul-mate and conquer our carnality, anger, violence, obsessions, whims, fancies, perversions and even our so called noble ideologies and ideals coming in the way harmony and happiness.

It is usual experience that birds with same feathers flock together. But marriages break irrespective of commonality in every kind of mundane pursuit. Hence we need a common activity like SUPERLIVING (TSM) which can ensure SUPER MARRIED LIFE!

Sympathy and Kindness (usually helpless) about poverty, illiteracy, diseases, usually result in charitable measures such as donations, subsidy, and reservations; which are palliative and temporarily useful but they can not destroy the roots of social suffering. Hence, (though they cannot be discarded at once), we must appreciate that they can not work on long term basis and actually counter produce irresponsibility, diffidence, beggary, lack of initiative, shamelessness, parasitism, hatred, jealousy, social discord and so on!

So our sympathy and kindness have to be transformed into wisdom by understanding that educational institutions, which do not empower the students, teachers and families economically, lead to almost all social evils and hence have to be CURED! Education is development of cognitive, affective, psychomotor and productive domain and lays the seeds of individual liberation and universal welfare.

The crippling and parasitization caused by present institutions lead to a vicious cycle of bribing for permission, grant, land, caste certificates, illegal recruitments, irregularities in salaries, illegal donations, illegal coaching and starting such new parasitic ‘power centers’! But this is not all. Unproductive and unprofessional parasitic education sucking our funds via government route is the most important cause of child dropouts. The dropouts who do not get jobs add to the population of cheap child labor and non-dropouts who continue to get ‘educated’ add to the population of the arrogant criminals or diffident mental wrecks. This leads to rat race and ugly politics!

As a result, the interest, initiative and conviction in every one concerned teachers leading to defeat of the empowering education and triumph of the corruption and victory of the trivialization of humanity.

Syllabi and curriculums favoring rote learning, hypokinetic stress, separation from parents, lack of individual attention, lack of dialogue and discussions add to overall degeneration.

But even before anything is done by government, everyone affected by this education system can at least begin to acquire humility and boldness. They can exercise careful listening, thinking, questioning, discussion, experimental verification and acceptance or rejection of whatever is taught or ordered! Blind obedience or disobedience, blind acceptance or rejection and blind belief or disbelief need to be completely discarded (excepting in emergency situations such as war).

There are exceptions but we can observe around and within us and confirm or rule out the validity of the above discussion.

Distress of Gullibility can be overcome if we understand our actual aptitude, our capacity, penetrate the facades of hype of the careers and know the true nature of work, risks involved and good or bad impact on the society. This way we can avoid unfounded fascination, infatuation, attraction or obsession for any career which is NOT our real choice and avoid resultant destructive frustration or bloated arrogance. Every job or business [excepting overtly destructive ones] has a socially beneficial dimension, awareness of which leads to involvement, enthusiasm and fulfillment in our job or business and lack of this wisdom leads to lowliness, gullibility and temptations. Advertising and media must promote the globally beneficial products and services to help the customers or readers or viewers, in their selection. Job satisfaction also requires cordial relationship, celebrations, incentives, division of labor befitting the aptitude, accountability, implementation of constructive suggestions, corrective and deterring punishments with impartiality and above all, a goal of liberation of self and welfare of all, in which the employee and also the employer can blossom together!

Another result of gullibility is either vain hope of progress through petty concepts of health or total frustration. Holistic health is living for welfare of self and the world. Hence policies in the every field such as education, medical education, agriculture, industries; must be oriented towards holistic health. The readers can clarify their ideas from my other books and articles.

Shackles of Unfounded asceticism is a problem in many communities in India. We have to develop zeal and zest to acquire material prosperity with fair means. Through this we can overcome corruption, which is actually trivialization or vulgarization of ourselves, which gets expressed in perspective, laws, policies, major decisions, regulations, rules, literature, art, skills, media, advertisements and personal and social goals and also monetary transactions.

To summarize, SUPERLIVING means going to the very core of different conceptual frameworks, goals, movements, missions, beliefs, conventions, traditions, customs, glitter, enticements, compulsions and even perversions and conquer them. It is neither a charity measure nor a mercenary venture. Hence participation is welcome but donations are not. It does not dwell judgmentally, disproportionately or merely; on individual virtues, vices, abstinences, indulgences, habits, diet, physical gains, personal benefits, profits, heaven on earth, dos and don’ts, strokes, patting, relaxation techniques, recreation, rituals, festivals, sports, music, movies, dramas, dances, perfumes, cosmetics, ornaments, arts, fashions, quizzes, and such adjuvant support/pleasure systems.
Ultimately, prioritization, assertion and reinforcement of study, practice and sharing these concepts (and not mere claims or mere casual reading) provide solution to pathocracy (governance of self and universe by perversion) and lead to culmination of
individual freedom into self realization and democracy into

global welfare!


















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