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At times; some one advises that not there should be NO explicit promotion of NAMASMARAN as; “readers find it monotonous and repetitive”!

This is because; there is; no serious concern about; and no thinking and no study of; the individual and universal problems and possible solutions for the same! As a result of such indifference; there is no interest, no insight and no conviction about the role of NAMASMARAN! Any one; who does not practice NAMASMARAN; either agrees only casually, superficially and/or reluctantly; or does not agree at all; with its potentials!

Is it not true that merely describing the problems; creates phobia and/or guilt complex? Is it not true that creating mere accounts of problems; without looking for the root causes and holistic solutions; makes us insensitive, callous and even sadist? Is it not true that; as a result; we fall prey to dirty politics, petty pursuits and false claims of charlatans; and/or ineffective/counterproductive piecemeal approaches?

Is it not true that it is high time that we accept, love and respect every one irrespective of his/her ideology, religion, race and socioeconomic position; and work together for individual and universal blossoming? Is it not true that this (to rise above and generate love) is NOT possible for us; on one’s own; just voluntarily?

If this is true; then, any one who is seriously concerned about individual and universal emancipation; would whole heatedly look for a universally practicable solution to individual and global problems!

It is after thorough scrutiny, trial and errors that one comes to realize and grab; the opportunity to study, practice and promote NAMASMARAN, which is a universal solution to individual and global stress due to a variety of individual and social problems.

NAMASMARAN is a panacea. NAMASMARAN involves individual and universal blossoming. NAMASMARAN embodies conquest of inner and outer evils. NAMASMARAN is the core of Total Stress Management. NAMASMARAN is the essence of superliving. NAMASMARAN is the key to holistic renaissance and ought to have top priority in life!

The case in point is unemployment! Unemployment is only one of the many symptoms of the disease of mismanaged individual and global stress! The other often neglected symptom is; unproductive; and counterproductive and socially harmful employment e.g. large percentage of bureaucrats, clerks, agents etc; and criminals such as drug peddlers, arms smugglers, scamsters respectively!

There are others who are employed (involved) in indirectly harmful industries such as production and promotion of vehicles of individual transport, which precipitate pollution, accidents, unnecessary fuel consumption and traffic jams.

NAMASMARAN make us aware of the fact that both true theists and true atheists; and people of all the religions and countries; have unwritten, common and intrinsic urge for individual and global emancipation and must work together for holistic policies, plans, programs and their implementation.

One of the most important policies for eradication of unemployment in holistic manner is holistic education. It includes NAMASMARAN; apart from others means and procedures for inner growth and blossoming, and productive domain for self and social empowerment. In addition it has all three usual domains viz. cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

Holistic education can eradicate unemployment on the one hand; and evils such as all the wastages, corruption and other malpractices involved in the sectarian education; on the other! Thus; how much ever monotonous, repetitive and propagandist it may appear; NAMASMARAN is the fountainhead of individual and universal welfare.

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