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In general; many ascetics advocate arbitrary suppression of desires; while the individualists uphold fulfillment of all desires right from childhood!

The bureaucratic, political, ideological and especially the prevalent spiritual leaders; should concede these needs of the newborn babies, infants, toddlers, children, youths and the elderly, which are variable; and make provisions for their fulfillment. They should not arbitrarily and coercively deny the fulfillment, which contributes to the blossoming of people.

But incessant and indiscriminate pursuit of fulfillment of desires per se; can not assure holistic renaissance i.e. individual and global blossoming! 70 billion people and innumerable animals and plants; have different instinctual, emotional, intellectual, psychomotor and creative needs. The irresponsible and indiscriminate gratification of these; has lead to universal stress at all levels.

What is required is; adoption of holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs, which aim to optimally fulfill all these needs, while simultaneously promoting the evolution of holistic perspective, policies, plans and programs; in the individuals.

This is holistic renaissance, superliving or total stress management, which in nutshell; is the tangible culmination of all the efforts to seek the truth.

It is with this understanding and conviction; that we must strive to incorporate NAMASMARAN, which orients us to our sublime duty (SWADHARMA) at different stages and in every walk of life; in all the educational courses and professional practices.

In absence of this understanding and efforts; the so called “spiritual practices” perpetuate pursuits of petty and selfish material gains; such as subsidy, profits, success in examination, promotion etc; or trivial spiritual gains such as so called trance, bliss, ecstasy, moksha, mukti, nirvana etc. Consequently; in spite of honestly and rigorously following various spiritual practices, including NAMASMARAN, we continue to feel incomplete, restless, frustrated, depressed, weak and helpless in personal life and face maladies such as terrorism, extremism, crimes, corruption, fundamentalism; in social life.

It is exactly due to this; that nations like India and her inhabitants, who boast on their spiritual heritage; have vast majority of people living helplessly in abysmal conditions.

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