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There are four stages of MUKTI (freedom from the cycle of birth and death, moksha, nirvana, salvation, liberation etc.). These are salokata, saroopata, sameepata and sayujjyata. Various interpretations of these stages (often referred to as types of mukti); are given by different scholars and saints.

From practical point of view, the four stages of MUKTI (blossoming from subjective, restrictive and individual consciousness; to objective, unfettered and cosmic consciousness; SELF) embody the stages of understanding of, commitment to, dedication to realize and actual oneness with SELF.

The ways to experience or realize MUKTI can be different. But the beauty of the benevolence (immortal, ecstatic and cosmic oneness) of a MUKTA individual is the same all over the world! The translation of such benevolence in policies, plans and programs for individual and universal blossoming (MUKTI) is SUPERLIVING or HOLISTIC RENAISSANCE!

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