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Mumbai Eye Care Launches Cornea Surgery In Mumbai And Ghatkopar - Dr. Jatin Ashar
Cornea Surgery in Ghatkopar
Mumbai Eye Care is ready with cornea surgery for patients in Mumbai and Ghatkopar. It helps to treat a variety of cornea problems.

Mumbai Eye Care, one of the multi-specialty eye hospitals in Mumbai, offers cornea surgery in Ghatkopar. The idea of launching a cornea surgery program is to help people in Ghatkopar or anyone who has a cornea problem. The hospital head explained, “Most people don’t realize that they are suffering from corneal diseases. They often only feel the symptoms, such as blurred vision, intense pain, double vision, and many more. The worst thing is that they solve this problem without any treatment. We hope that this program gives more access for people to know corneal diseases earlier and treat them properly.”

This cornea surgery procedure is for various diseases, including Dystrophy, corneal arcus, dry eyes, and keratoconus. Patients only have to schedule an appointment first before taking a cornea surgery procedure. They can call the phone numbers or directly visit the clinic. People can also download the brochure at the official website to know the programs they can take. The hospital head added, “The specialist will decide one of the cornea surgery procedures patients have to take. Nowadays, the cornea surgery in Mumbai consists of 3 different advanced treatments, which are laser treatment, Corneal transplant surgery, and artificial cornea.”

Dr. Jatin Ashar as a specialist in this hospital, will lead the surgery based on the patients’ medical history. The program’s goal is to ensure that people in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, and other areas get proper cornea medical treatments. They don’t have to go to other countries and spend a lot of money only to get cornea surgery. The hospital head stated, “We hope that finding a cornea specialist in Mumbai is not a problem anymore. Patients can consult their cornea and eye problems with us and find the most possible solutions. Besides offering a cornea specialist, our hospital also supports the cornea surgery program with the latest technology. The idea is to increase the curable and safety level during the surgery procedure.”

The hospital head also expects that this program helps treat specific cornea conditions, including eye allergies, keratitis, ocular herpes, herpes zoster, and many more. The better the treatment the patients get, the higher the chance of the patients having normal vision. Indeed, it also increases their quality of life because they can do their activities normally. On the other hand, cornea surgery prevents serious health problems because of improper medical treatments.

About Mumbai Eye Care:
Mumbai Eye Care is a multi-specialty eye hospital in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Nowadays, this hospital is ready with cornea surgery procedures. This program helps to treat Dystrophy, corneal arcus, dry eyes, and keratoconus.

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