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Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment in India Done by Dr. Ameet Kishore
Dizziness And Vertigo (Neuro-Otology) Treatment In India
Nowadays issues like Vertigo are very common. But these issues can cause you future problems if not treated well on in time. The condition of Vertigo can be compared to a sensation of movement or turning that is frequently depicted as unsteadiness. Individuals with vertigo feel as if they are turning or moving, or that the world is turning around them.

Epley’s manoeuvre
This is a repositioning manoeuvre used to treat benign paroxysmal positional vertog (BPPV). This move is finished with the help of a specialist or physical advisor. A solitary 10-to 15-minute session, for the most part, is all that is required. At the point when your head is moved into various positions, the canaloliths ( crystals) bringing on vertigo will move openly and don't really bring about manifestations.

Intratympanic Therapy
Direct Injections into the ear via the ear drum are sometimes used to treat certain conditions casuing vertigo and in some types of sudden hearing loss. Gentamicin and steroids can be utilized intratympanically to treat Meniere's disease. This implies they are infused into the tympanum, or middle ear, through the ear drum. This is a minor procedure performed in the out patient. Gentamicin is utilized as a part of patients to stop assaults of vertigo. This can enable the end of enough vestibular cells to stop vertigo attacks without a critical change in hearing.

Endolymphatic sac decompression
This is an operation carried out on the inner ear to control vertigo in patients with Meniere’s disease who do not respond to medication or intratympanic therapy. This operation is implemented in patients with Meniere's ailment to stop or help control the vertigo attacks. It is the main surgery that may preventfurther episodes of vertigo but also keep up the leftover hearing at pre-agent levels. Thesurgeryis done under general anesthesia and takes 1-1.5 hours.

This is an operation on the inner ear to control intractable vertigo in patients with Meniere’s disease who have very poor residual hearing. The balance endorgan is removed completely and vertigo is controlled at the expense of hearing.

Vestibular nerve section
In this operation the balance nerve is divided while preserving the hearing nerve. This is used to treat intractable vertigo while preserving the hearing.

We have extremely particular and furnished facility for Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment in India. It is the just one of its kind in India and with a broad range of contemporary indicative and restorative equipment and specialized techniques required for the management of dizziness and vertigo.

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