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Cadaver organ donation programme conducted at MPUH Nadiad (Gujarat, India)
Cadaver organ donation programme conducted at MPUH Nadiad (Gujarat, India)

The incidence of renal failure or Chronic kidney diseases are increasing . And for all those unfortunate patients only two options are left behind – life long dialysis or transplant. In our country the most common form of organ donation is from family members. But if no suitable family member is available, the option that remains is cadaver transplantation. Cadaver or deceased donor is the patient who has irreversible brain damage and who is on ventilator and maximum life support to maintain his/her BP, but with good urine output. In those patients after family counseling and finishing all the legal procedures, organs can be retrieved and transplanted in suitable recipients. This will improve the quality of their life by avoiding dialysis and help them to live a near normal life. Besides two kidneys, liver, heart, pancreas and two eyes can also be procured . We at MPUH has a team well equipped for that. However, in our society there is still inhibition to donate organs due to either social stigma or religious reasons.

With a view to increase awareness about cadaver organ donation, MPUH conducted a symposium inviting doctors of surrounding prestigious institutions of Kheda and Anand districts. Around one hundred people attended this interactive programme. Dr Pranjal Modi from the Institute of kidney Diseases and Research Centre, Ahmedabad, a noted urologist and transplant surgeon was the Chief Guest. Dr Mahesh Desai, Medical Director and Managing Trustee of MPUH, in his introductory speech emphasized the importance of cadaver organ donation in Asian countries, especially in India, as this is the commonest form of organ donation in European countries and the USA. Dr Mohan Rajapurkar, Consultant Nephrologist discussed the medico-legal aspects of cadaver organ donation. Various aspects of cadaver organ donation like counseling of patients, diagnosis, maintenance and surgical aspects were discussed in detail. Delivering the second ‘Dr Snehal Patel Oration’, Dr Pranjal Modi narrated how the cadaver organ donation in Gujarat has evolved in the last 15 years.

At the end of the programme, it was concluded that cadaver organ donation should be promoted. Greater awareness needs to be spread in the society. One should carry a donor card. DON’T TAKE YOUR ORGANS TO HEAVEN, FOR HEAVEN KNOWS THEY ARE NEEDED HERE !

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