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Remove my stones but not my gall bladder
A 30 year old educated female along with her husband came for consultation.
Before I could ask what was her medical problem she said, "Doctor, I have just been diagnosed to have gall stones. Can you remove my stone but keep the Gall bladder? i do not want to lose my organ., I need it for my digestion & I am too young to lose it. Ultimately God must have given it so it must have some inportant function!"
After asking her symptoms, examining her and studying the ultrasonography report I gave my verdict, "You need removal of gall stones. The International Gold Standard treatment for gallstone disease is removal of gall bladder along with stones.
After few seconds of silence, the husband spoke," Doctor I had kidney stones treated. My surgeon only removed the stones but not the Kidney. Why is it that you are saying that we need to remove the Gall bladder? Can we not remove just the stones?"
Intelligent comparision. Almost all patients have this worry – removal of an organ. Generally this worry is more when one is young.

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