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Clinical application of diode laser in gingival hyperpigmentation to enhance aesthetics
Author: Dr. Brijesh Byrappa, Dr. Zainab Abubaker, Dr. Swathi Mani, Dr. Narahari Ranganatha and Dr. Mohammed Yunus

Patients are highly inclined towards aesthetic outlook in the recent years. More number of patients visit dental offices with the complaint of greyish-black gums. The core reason for this pigmentation of the gingiva is due to the melanoblastic activity. There are wide range of treatment options for depigmentation of the gingiva. They include scalpel gingivectomy, free gingival graft, bur abrasion, use of chemicals, electrosurgery, cryosurgery and lasers. Among the various techniques, lasers provide promising therapeutic option as they are simple, painless, effective and a reliable tool. Here, we report gingival depigmentation of a patient using diode laser technique.

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